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Texas Tuition Promise Fund


By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Tomorrow's the deadline to sign up for the Texas Tuition Promise Fund. That's the pre-paid college tuition plan for state schools. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more.

Saturday marks the last day until September to take advantage of the Promise Fund that lets parents lock in today's cost of undergraduate college tuition and fees. The state offers 3 plans;, for the costliest 4-year Texas college or university, to less pricey 4 year schools, and then a plan for a 2 year public college.

For example if you paid a lump sum into the plan today for your first grader, you'dpay 10 thousand dollars a year for the most expensive state college; cost 68 hundred a year for the less costly 4 year school, and 17 hundred dollars a year for 2 year school. RJ DeSilva , with the state comptroller's office, says here's what happens if your smart, talented child scores a scholarship.

DeSilva: In situations where you may not end up using what you put in you could get a refund or if you have other children and you set up accounts for other children, you could transfer that to the other accounts. The state's Promise fund helps protect against inflation down the road. For several years now, Texas public college costs have jumped 7 percent a year.

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