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Levees in Dallas Rated Unacceptable

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Dallas levees have been rated "unacceptable" according to stricter standards initiated after Hurricane Katrina. At Dallas City Hall, Mayor Tom Leppert says work on the Trinity River Corridor project, including the proposed toll road within the levees, WILL continue.

Leppert: All the partners are committed to work on these changes as we're moving forward with the other projects. It may impact various elements, including timeframes. We're just going to have to work those forward.

The Mayor has been very vocal in pushing the North Texas Tollway Authority to make a toll road "design" deadline in May. He's unwilling to concede it won't be met.

The Dallas levees failed 34 of 170 inspection points. They range from unwanted vegetation to concerns about the columns already in place for the city's first "designer bridge" and how they may affect levee integrity.

A more thorough levee inspection begins March 31st.

and a note for property owners in the floodplain. The Corps says it expects its 800-year-flood inspection to prompt FEMA to review 100-year-flood protection. And the results of that inspection "could" affect insurance rates.

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