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Texas Prepares For Possible Mexico Government Meltdown

By David Martin Davies, Texas Public Radio

Dallas, TX –

Texas Homeland Security director Stephen McCraw says he doesn't expect that Mexico's government is going to collapse but Mexico is fighting for its survival against the well armed drug cartels.

McCraw: Are they threatening the government of Mexico? Yes. Over 2 years ago President Calderon went on a campaign after these organized crime cartels and they fought back absolutely.

Hooper: Make no mistake the cartels are not interested in running Mexico.

Karen Hooper is a Latin America analyst for Stratfor - an Austin based private global intelligence agency. She said things could get much worse in Mexico if the drug lords linked up with anti-government militants.

Hooper: While it is not necessarily in their interest to destabilize the government there are scenarios where the government could certainly loose control.

McCraw says Texas is watching Mexico while planning for the worst.

McCraw: Does that impact on Texas? Absolutely. Are we concerned about that? Yes. In fact, we have contingency plans for spill over violence in each of the five security sectors along the border.

McCraw said the state is working to contain the violence onto the Mexican side of the border and if there is a major meltdown in Mexico the state is formulating plans to deal with massive flow of refugees.