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Dallas 9-1-1 System Needs 12 Million Dollar Upgrade

By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – Dallas Police and Firefighters need a 12 million dollar upgrade to the new "Computer Aided Dispatch" system that came online 18 months ago.

Mayor Pro Tem Elba Garcia says the City Council made a mistake two years ago when it decided to use a less expensive software "bridge" to link the NEW system with the OLD computers in squad cars and fire trucks.

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Garcia: I think colleagues, it's time to bite the bullet. We tried to save the money. We tried to do it the conservative way. I have always said with technology, you can't to that.

Police and firefighters complained that the new system sent them to the wrong addresses, and made it nearly impossible to send and receive certain types of information in the field.

The City Council is to vote on the multi-million dollar upgrade next week. It includes more than 14-hundred new computers in police cars.