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Arrest Made in White Powder Letters to Banks

Amarillo Letter

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Federal prosecutors in North Texas are charging a New Mexico man with sending threatening letters to Chase Bank branches. KERA's BJ Austin says the letters with "white powder" in them were mailed from AMARILLO.

47 year old Richard Goyette was arrested Monday night at the Albuquerque airport. Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge, Robert Casey, says Goyette drove from Albuquerque to Amarillo in October to mail 65 letters. 64 contained a white powder. The 65th warned of the "Mcveighing your corporate headquarters within six months."

Casey: Everyone associates that name with an explosion in Oklahoma City. It's a threat and it's a crime. These mailings, even though in this case the substance that was in them caused no harm to the public, they caused tremendous alarm and panic.

Prosecutors say Richard Goyette was angry because he lost money in the stock market when Washington Mutual failed, and Chase Bank bought the assets.

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