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Fort Worth Warns of Red Light Camera Scam

By BJ Austin

Dallas – Fort Worth is reporting a SCAM involving red light cameras. KERA's BJ Austin says it's an effort to get credit card numbers over the telephone.

Fort Worth City Hall has received several calls about individuals pretending to be collectors attempting to get credit card numbers for payment of an alleged red light camera ticket. The city's Janice Thompson Burgess says that is NOT the way the red light camera program works.

Thompson Burgess: We do not have any city staff, police officers or any authorized collection agency that will call and ask for information of the telephone. So, if they had given out that information, someone would have their credit card number and be able to use it.

Thompson Burgess says, as far as they know, no one has fallen for the scam. And, the city wants to get the word out before someone does become a victim.