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Dallas Police Wait for Forensics in Triple Murder

By BJ Austin, KERA

12/22/08 – Dallas Police say it could be a while before they can unravel the case of a mother and her two children found shot to death inside their North Dallas home. The woman had called 911 three times this month, reporting a robbery, home invasion and kidnapping.

Dallas Police Homicide Lt. Craig Miller says 52-year-old Jeanmarie Geis, daughter of a former Dallas County State District Judge, was found shot to death Friday morning. Her children, an 8-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter, were also dead. The children were found with single gunshot wounds to the head and the medical examiner has ruled their deaths as homicides. Lt. Miller says they must now wait for testing on forensic evidence.

Miller: I certainly think the information we get from the Medical Examiner's office will help us with knowing the range of the bullets and how they were fired. The guns, and things like that, will ultimately lead us to the end of this.

Miller says Mrs. Geis was fearful she was a target because of some criminal case of her late father's. Police are working to verify that those incidents happened as claimed and whether they are connected to the killings or if this is a murder-suicide. Forensic tests could take six to 10 weeks.