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DISD Closer To Trustee Term Extension

By Bill Zeeble, KERA reporter

Dallas, TX – The Dallas School Board is a step closer to approving four-year terms for trustees who now serve for three years. At Tuesday's briefing, a majority of board members favored the idea, saying it would save tens of thousands of dollars a year on annual election costs. Trustee Jerome Garza liked another benefit.

Garza: It does allow for the learning curve of new trustees. I can see the benefit after four years.

Other Texas school boards also have four-year terms, including those in Houston, Fort Worth and Austin. But trustee Carla Ranger said now is a bad time for this idea.

Ranger: This board and district doesn't have good will of the people and it doesn't appear timely or wise for us to consider four-year terms because it would appear to emanate from some selfish interest or protecting us as school board members.

Trustees are expected to vote on term extensions at the board meeting in two weeks.