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Dallas' First Look at Convention Center Hotel

By BJ Austin, KERA Reporter

Dallas, TX – Dallas City Council members get a first look at what the Convention Center hotel will look like. KERA's BJ Austin reports.

The Dallas City Council wants a signature or iconic hotel next to the convention center, something that adds a unique feature to the Dallas skyline. The city spent an extra $4 million for a design. Economic Development Committee Chairman Ron Natinksy says it accomplishes the signature goal.

Natinsky: I think if you go to a hotel, you have a good experience and you can still visualize where you were. I think this is the kind of building that will let people remember, "Hey, I stayed in that hotel, and it was neat. It was cool."

The proposed 23-story, 1,000 room hotel curves along the corner of Lamar and Young Streets, with a large, landscaped plaza linking to the Convention Center.

The Economic Development Committee may vote Monday on who will run the $500 million city-owned hotel, Marriott or Omni.