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Fort Worth To Decide Controversial Drilling Site

By BJ Austin, KERA Reporter

Dallas, TX – Tonight's Fort Worth City Council meeting is expected to be crowded with neighborhood association members opposed to a gas drilling permit on 8th Avenue.

Chesapeake Energy is asking for a waiver and permit for a high impact well that is within 600 feet of 26 homes, a violation of the city's drilling ordinance.

Bill Campbell, president of the Berkeley Place Neighborhood Association, says the well is a bad idea.

Campbell: We're a historic neighborhood. This whole 8th Avenue is a very crowded and congested neighborhood. We're near the Medical District. All the reasons I think that the City Council put the ordinance in place in the first place: safety, traffic, quality of life. Those are all the issues that we're concerned about, and we're just hoping that the City Council sticks to their guns.

It would be the first time the city of Fort Worth rejected a high-impact drilling request, although several have been delayed or withdrawn.