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One DISD Teacher Worries About Possible Fraud

By Bill Zeeble, KERA reporter

Dallas, TX – The Dallas school board will likely approve a massive layoff today of some 700 teachers to help fix a huge budget shortfall. Teachers say they'll protest, but know they cannot stop the cuts. One long-time teacher says he just doesn't trust administrators. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more.

Celebrated DISD instructor John Fullinwider, who has been a Teacher of the Year and long-time activist, says it's impossible for this district to police itself over faulty finances. He says the DISD's record is too littered with financial fraud. He wants the board to OK independent auditors to figure out the problem. He says administrators have acted erratically.

Fullenwider: Just a month or so ago the mayor and superintendent were trying to get dropouts back in school by knocking on doors, literally. But one of the first layoffs was the head of drop-out prevention, Karen Ramos.

Fullinwider says she was doing a great job, after spending years with the district. He says teacher morale is low and employees distrust leadership. He and some trustees are still seeking a detailed, chronological explanation of how the shortfall occurred. The administration has cited botched bookkeeping and financial software glitches for the problems. Bill Zeeble KERA news.