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Mighty Mites: Interview with Jim Dent

Courtesy Masonic Home & School Archives

By Sam Baker, KERA Morning Edition Host

Dallas, TX –

You may have read the book or seen the movie. An underdog of a horse named Seabiscuit becomes a champion and a hero to a Depression-era nation starved for something to feel good about. Same thing happened to what began as an underequipped, comparatively underweight football team of orphans at the Fort Worth Masonic Home. In short time the Masonic Home Masons earned a spot in a state championship game and national attention. By then, everybody called them the Mighty Mites.

Tonight (9/9/08) at 7, KERA Television tells the story of the Mighty Mites in Nowhere But Texas 2 - the station's second collection of extraordinary tales about ordinary Texans. Sports writer Jim Dent wrote about the Mighty Mites in the book, Twelve Mighty Orphans. He said people always follow winners, but it was the sports press that really spread the word.