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Texas RNC Delegates Praise Palin

By Jodi Breisler, Capitol News Connection

Dallas, TX –

Texas delegates stood on their feet and tossed their cowboy hats during the high points of Palin's speech.

Delegates: "You go Sarah!"

Dallas delegate Elizabeth Jones was visibly choked up.

Jones: "One place, the White House, that has not been a place where there is a woman in the House is finally available and possible. With all due respect to the great Senator Hillary Clinton, who has done so much for women, it is the Republican Party who has finally put a woman on the ticket."

Palin's the first female Republican ticket nominee. Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in 1984. Jones found it refreshing that Palin made a straightforward, clear contrast with the Democratic ticket. She says Palin is right about Obama being mostly talk and McCain showing leadership through action.

Jones: "What Governor Palin is basically saying is you have to be the change, you have to demonstrate the result. You have to not talk about change, but do change."

Jones says she hopes the focus will remain on Palin's political beliefs rather than her family drama. The Texas delegation will be front and center for Presidential candidate McCain's speech tonight.