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Tx. Congressman Ron Paul Leads Counter RNC Rally

By Jodi Breisler, Capitol News Connection

Dallas, TX –

Thousands of supporters clad in Ron Paul T-shirts, Revolutionary War tricorn hats, and even a couple frontier costumes cheered the candidate as he entered the stadium with a confetti explosion. Some of the cheers came from official Republican convention delegates, like Vincent Campos of Mineral Springs. He says he became inspired by Ron Paul after serving a year in Iraq.

Campos: "Once I returned in December of '06, I started getting active in the Ron Paul campaign. And since then, I started learning and doing the delegate process. And now I'm here at the National Convention."

This is Campos' first convention. He spent the first day working on party business. But his Tuesday was dedicated to the nine hour Ron Paul "Rally for the Republic".

Campos: "We have a Republican Party platform. We also have a constitution. My first priority is that constitution. The platform is the second priority."

Right before Paul gave his speech, all RNC delegates were asked to gather in the back of the auditorium. A speaker announced the RNC was going to nominate John McCain as President without a vote. Delegates were told they were going to be bused back to the Convention to stop it from happening. It was a false rumor. Delegates in St. Paul weren't making any changes to their schedule due to the Ron Paul rally. Mike Slaton of Sunnyvale says Paul has the right to speak out, but that enough is enough.

Slaton: "Come on Ron. Get with the Republican Party. You were one of them that ran. McCain's our candidate, McCain's our nominee. Let's get with the program and let's help get McCain elected."

Some delegates tried to pass a petition to allow Ron Paul to speak on the Convention floor. But they were unable to get enough signatures.