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GM Employees Await Further Cuts

General Motors
Chairman and
CEO Rick Wagoner

By Shelley Kofler

Dallas, TX – The announcement came from CEO Rick Wagoner in a broadcast to employees. To cover losses he said GM will further cut truck production, lay off some managers and suspend its stock dividend.

Right now the Arlington plant is shut down to scale back production. Because Arlington will soon become the only producer of full-sized SUV's and their hybrids local union president JR Flores doesn't believe the 2400 autoworkers are at risk.

Flores: We don't believe we will get any additional down town now so for the immediate future I don't think we'll be impacted by this.

GM's Arlington spokesperson Wendy Sabo agrees, Texas autoworkers are in a reasonably good position. But there's no guarantee.

Sabo: Depending what the demand is going to be for full-sized SUV's in the future it may mean we have to cut production . Does that mean we take out a shift, possibly not saying that's going to happen or we could change our mix could we build trucks and SUVs.

Sabo says some of the 200 management positions in Arlington will be cut. CEO Wagoner says GM hopes to avoid layoffs through early retirement and buyout offers.

Employees won't know specifics until a week from Thursday.