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Dallas Police Look for Sophisticated Gasoline Thieves


By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – The owner of a Shell Station on East Northwest Highway believes it's an inside job - somebody within the fuel industry who had an electronic remote device to unlock the pumps after the station closed for the night. Dallas Police Senior Corporal Kevin Janse says this is an example of gasoline theft escalating with the price at the pump.

Janse: As far as we can remember this is the first time not only that we've had this amount of gasoline stolen, but in this manner. It wasn't just a pull up and turn the pump on like you're going to pay later. Those drive offs happen quite commonly. But to bypass the whole system like this individual did is extremely rare.

Corporal Janse says the mastermind of the 350 gallon, 12 hundred dollar gasoline theft apparently organized his friends to be part of it. Janse says surveillance video shows about 15 cars pulling up one after another to fill up. The video does NOT show any license plate numbers, only the sides of the cars and silhouettes of the pumpers.