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CEO Gives Few Details About Arlington Plant Future


By Shelley Kofler

Dallas, TX – CEO Rick Wagoner's address to the Greater Dallas Chamber comes as the Arlington plant is shutter for four full weeks. GM temporarily shut down the production line to reduce inventories of large SUV's. Sales for the main ones built in Arlington have plummeted 30 percent this year. But CEO Rick Wagoner said there's still a demand for large vehicles that can tow, and Arlington will serve that niche.

Wagoner: We are lined up where we think we should be. I don't think the employees should be excessively preoccupied with that . It's a good plant so let's run what we do there now and we'll see what the future holds. If the market moves more to cars we'll adjust the production plans announced so far.

Wagoner also tried to squelch rumors about GM's financial health. He told Dallas business executives rumors that GM will seek bankruptcy protection are untrue and not helpful.