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American Airlines Could Cut 900 Flight Attendants


By Bill Zeeble

Dallas, TX – The carrier says with the reduced fleet & fall schedule now finalized, it'll need up to 900 fewer flight attendants. Federal law requires the carrier notify attendants 60 days in advance of possible layoffs. American's Tim Smith says there was little choice.

Tim Smith: It all comes back down to trying to find ways to reduce our product and take in revenues and fees and fairs that are enough to cover costs of providing the service.

The flight attendants expected this announcement because of schedule cuts, but union spokesperson Frank Bastien says the numbers are lower than members thought.

Frank Bastienr: The reaction here was positive in that it was as low as it was. and most were pretty pleased the number wasn't higher. When we heard the number we kind of looked at each other and said thats doable we can whittle that down significantly if not completely.

American will try reducing flight attendant numbers through standard retirement and attrition.Then it'll use early retirement & other plans to reduce the flight attendant workforce. The company hasn't announced cuts in numbers of ground workers or pilots yet, but expects to any day.

Bill Zeeble KERA news.