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Gov. Perry Previews Legislative Agenda at Convention

Gov. Perry addresses state GOP convention in Houston
Shelley Kofler
Gov. Perry addresses state GOP convention in Houston

By Shelley Kofler

KOFLER June 12, 2008

Governor Rick Perry kicked off the Republican Party's state convention Thursday by outlining some of his priorities for January's legislative session. He told some 12-thousand party activists he will press legislators meeting in January to pass a voter ID requirement. Democrats claim that would make it more difficult for some elderly and low-income citizens to vote.

Perry also wants a statewide gang strategy to stop narco-criminals along the border, and legislation that gives some of the state's $10-billion surplus back to taxpayers.

Perry: Whether we do it through additional property tax relief, a reduction in business taxes a sales tax cut or a direct rebate, the 2009 Texas legislature must figure out a way to give surplus dollars back to hardworking Texans.

Perry told party members the Democrats are more unified this fall and Republicans have to work hard to keep their candidates in office. KERA's Shelley Kofler is in Houston for the convention and will have more on Republican challenges later during All Things Considered.