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Dallas Homeless Spend First Night in new Center

The Bridge celebration opening.
The Bridge celebration opening.

By BJ Austin

Dallas, TX – Jay Dunn, managing director of The Bridge, the new, 23 million dollar, square-block homeless center, led a tour prior to the ribbon cutting. At the ceremony, Homeless Czar Mike Rawlings told the crowd this is a new moment for Dallas.

Rawlings: "A moment that says he can use Dallas' can-do spirit for something greater. Some more important than the bottom line, the political line, or even the goal line."

Tim, 41 with a felony record, and homeless for five years hopes, that's not just more talk.

Tim: "hey have to make a believer out of me. I've been on some sort of special housing list for two years. You call and you check on it until they tell you to quit calling so much. I mean that's how the Day Resource Center was. Maybe this is different. I don't know."

The Center, near the downtown Dallas Farmers Market is 24/7, and will provide Three meals a day, seven days a week.

24 year old Jennifer, sleeping on the streets for the past few nights, says she's ready to take whatever The Bridge offers.

Jennifer: "A house, a job, whatever I can get my hands on over here."

For More Information please visit:

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance