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U.S. Census

State representatives look at redistricting maps on the floor of the Texas House on April 27, 2011
Bob Daemmrich

A delay in census counting because of the coronavirus pandemic could push Texas redistricting into legislative overtime next summer.

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected The 2020 Census

Apr 1, 2020
Census officials have said they are on track to deliver the count on time, including for a Dec. 31 deadline for data the government uses to draw congressional districts.
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The COVID-19 outbreak that is rapidly growing across the U.S. could also hinder how many people the U.S. census bureau can reach in its once-a-decade count — and, along with it, how funding is distributed to state and local communities for years to come.

Counting In Texas For The U.S. Census Has Begun. Here's What You Need To Know.

Mar 13, 2020
Andrew Whalley / The Texas Tribune

Census season is upon us.

Starting Thursday, most Texas households will begin receiving their invitations to respond to the 2020 census, the high-stakes, once-a-decade effort to quantify where people live in the United States. The accuracy of the count in Texas will go a long way toward determining the state’s economic, social and political future.

Emily Albracht for The Texas Tribune

Under the trio of crosses atop its sandy brick building, the McCabe Roberts Avenue United Methodist Church has a history of bringing people together.

Two churches founded at the turn of the 20th century — one with a mostly white congregation, one mostly black — merged to form the small sanctuary on Beaumont's east side. In the 25 years since that union, the church has established itself as a pillar of the community even as its numbers have dwindled.

The Department of Homeland Security has agreed to share certain government records from its databases to help the Census Bureau produce data about the U.S. citizenship status of every person living in the country.

The 2020 Census has high stakes for the state of Texas. Billions of dollars in federal funding for education, transportation and health care are on the line, and Texas is home to a lot of people that the U.S. Census Bureau has historically had a hard time counting.

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The U.S. Census Bureau is asking states for drivers' license records that typically include citizenship data and has made a new request for information on recipients of government assistance, alarming some civil rights advocates.

The gap between the richest and the poorest U.S. households is now the largest it's been in the past 50 years — despite the median U.S. income hitting a new record in 2018, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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The gap between the haves and have-nots in the United States grew last year to its highest level in more than 50 years of tracking income inequality, according to Census Bureau figures.

More than 5 million Texans didn’t have health insurance in 2018, according to figures released today from the U.S. Census Bureau. The year before, about 4.8 million Texans lacked coverage.