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The funeral in Austin today featured a performance by another Texas legend Willie Nelson. KUT in Austin has a moving photo gallery.

Dallas Applies The Brakes On New Bike Lane Rules

Oct 10, 2012
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Updated: Five stories that have North Texas talking: cyclists finding their place on Dallas roads, UT and affirmative action, the true stories of regular people.

City of Dallas

The fix is in at the Cotton Bowl, where a new steel mesh will be installed at the end zones.

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The University of Texas at Austin website reports that all buildings on campus are being evacuated. 

A University of Texas professor recently hacked into the GPS system of a drone. He was able to take control of the unmanned aircraft using less than $1,000 worth of equipment. Era Sundar reports on what this means for the future use of drones in the United States and how this could affect national security.

American Airlines ground workers split over the company's final contract offer that would spare some jobs targeted for elimination.

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The Red River Rivalry tradition between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma will continue at Dallas' Cotton Bowl through 2020, school officials said today.

Parker County Sheriff's Department


A Texas man has been found guilty of kidnapping his former neighbor and raping her on a deer-skinning device and a bed where she was chained nightly for almost two weeks.

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Texas high school students can relax about the new standardized testing known as STAAR -  The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.  Today, the  head of the Texas Education Agency, Robert Scott,  signed an order deferring a requirement that test results count toward 15 percent of the students’ overall grade.

Dallas, TX – Texas is announcing six more weeks of unemployment benefits for jobless Texans who have exhausted their claims.

The Texas Workforce Commission says the extension is a result of the unemployment rate reaching 8.5 percent or higher over the previous three months.

The Workforce Commission says the U.S. Department of Labor approved the processing of claims starting December 11th.