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Trinity River

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For someone seeing downtown Dallas for the first time, it's hard to believe: a half-mile-wide swath of open land, almost in the shadows of the skyscrapers. And yet, Dallas has never figured out what to do with this massive green space.

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The Trinity River is a relatively narrow, usually calm waterway that meanders past the western edge of downtown. It wasn’t a particularly popular recreation spot when Angela Hunt biked there one evening more than a decade ago.

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The Dallas City Council on Wednesday morning voted 13-2 to pull support for a controversial toll road along the Trinity River.

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Summer school's gliding along in North Texas, but students aren’t the only ones in session. Southern Methodist University's STEM Academy is for science teachers. 

For one recent lesson, they left dry land behind to kayak the Trinity River that wanders through the Great Trinity Forest. 

The Trinity Trust Foundation

A lot of people get praised for “leaving a mark” on a city, but Gail Thomas will be retiring from the Trinity Trust Foundation with fingerprints all over Dallas.

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It’s summer, but that doesn’t mean kids are off the hook from learning. One Dallas camp is teaching its students about character – and this week, the focus is on beauty. KERA News tagged along with one group as they trekked around the Trinity River Audubon Center.

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The Trinity River in Dallas surged 12 feet above flood level Friday. It’s expected to crest at 43 feet Friday night. And that’s brought a surge of spectators to the Continental Bridge.

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Update, Saturday morning: A second person has died in the Dallas area following Friday's storms and flooding.

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This story was originally published on Feb. 1, 2015: It may seem like politicians and planners have spent just a decade or two sparring over the proposed Trinity River toll road, but controversy has swirled around the Trinity much longer than that - ever since folks began settling beside it nearly two centuries ago.

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Dallas’ unusual effort to turn an old bridge into a new park culminates this weekend when the Continental Bridge Park opens Sunday. Here’s a sneak peek.

Tampa Steel Erecting Co.

Two giant arches that will eventually tower over the Trinity River are being built in Florida.

The arches are part of the new Margaret McDermott Bridge.

Tampa Steel Erecting Co. is in charge of the $40 million project. Vice President Jeffrey Ames tells The Tampa Tribune that all 80 of the company's current employees are working on the project.

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Southwest Airlines is teaming up with the Trinity Trust Foundation and City of Dallas to create the Trinity River Conservation Corps. With the help of a three-year, $150,00 grant, this new program will help clean up and conserve the Trinity River Corridor.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife says it will be difficult to stop newly discovered zebra mussels from spreading throughout the Trinity River basin all the way down to the Gulf.

Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists say invasive zebra mussels have spread to the Trinity River basin.

At the first of three final briefings on recommendations from the Gas Drilling Task Force Wednesday, Dallas City Council members asked a lot of questions.

Neighbors near the Columbia Meat Packing Company in Oak Cliff were the winners of a City Hall battle over pig blood dumped into a creek flowing toward Trinity River. KERA’s BJ Austin says the Dallas Board of Adjustment ordered the slaughterhouse shut down immediately – even though Columbia announced last month it was closing it forever. KERA’s BJ Austin reports.

Dallas residents will find out next month how likely it is the Trinity River will top the levees and flood the city when the Corps of Engineers releases its “Risk Assessment”. KERA’s BJ Austin says the report uses a new method of evaluation and the Dallas levees were the test case.

Owners of the Columbia Meat Packing Company in Oak Cliff say they will close their slaughterhouse. They want to get back to work making sausage and processing meat. The company was shut down after pig blood was found in a nearby creek that flows into the Trinity River. KERA’s BJ Austin says the company is now speaking out on YouTube.

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The ribbon was cut on the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge across the Trinity River in Dallas Sunday. But the bridge won’t open to traffic until late this month. KERA’s BJ Austin says when it does, transportation planners predict it’ll bring some relief to the highly congested downtown mixmaster.

The Trinity River project’s most visible sign of progress may be delayed, but Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn says he will work shoulder to shoulder to make sure the rest of project is completed. But Cornyn says it will have to be done without earmarks. 

The winners of the 2011 Trinity River Photo Contest have been chosen.