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Poor Texans Left In Dark As State Electricity Aid Programs Ends

Jan 5, 2017
Cooper Neill for The Texas Tribune

North Texas was freezing during a three-day stretch last month, but Mary Garcia refused to turn on the heat in her cramped apartment. She feared that doing so would too quickly drain her pay-as-you-go account with Penstar Power, a Dallas-based electricity provider.

Tim Hamilton / Flickr

KERA’s One Crisis Away project examines life for folks on the financial edge. Many senior citizens fall into that category. They might struggle with getting a job, paying for medicine, or managing wills and power of attorney.

That’s where Dallas County’s Elder Financial Safety Center comes in.

In an ideal world, senior citizens will have saved enough to comfortably retire. But with pensions disappearing and health care costs soaring, the golden years are becoming increasingly difficult. As part of KERA’s One Crisis Away initiative, Krys Boyd talks with Senior Source executive director Molly Bogen and Dallas Area Agency on Aging director Millie DeAnda about the financial challenges seniors face.