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For the first time ever, wind has surpassed coal as an energy source in Texas. 

Data released this month by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas shows wind created 22 percent of the electricity used in the first half of the year, edging out coal by 1 percentage point.

Mameyes is a small community of about 1,000 people high in Puerto Rico's central mountains. But in its own way, it is one of the leaders of Puerto Rico's energy future.

Francisco Valentin grew up in Mameyes, where he runs a small store. Even before Maria he had big ambitions for his town. After Maria, he knew he wanted his community to run on solar power. And with the help of foundations, charities and the University of Puerto Rico — not the government — he has done that, converting the town's school, health clinic and several other buildings.

The warnings come with unsettling regularity:

Climate change threatens 1 million plant and animal species.

Warmer oceans could lose one-sixth of their fish and other marine life by the end of the century.

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Facebook is building a massive solar farm in West Texas that's believed to be one of the largest solar projects in the nation and the social media giant's first direct investment in renewable energy.


Denton City Council approved a plan Tuesday to update the city’s energy plan to become 100 percent renewable by 2020, the Denton Record-Chronicle reports. 

If the plan is successful, Denton would become the second Texas city to purchase all of its energy from wind and solar farms or other renewable energy sources.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Wind power’s growing in Texas; Fort Worth is the latest Texas city grappling with pension woes; banned books in Texas prisons; and more.

Scott Canada says his company had big plans this year for a 100-megawatt solar farm outside Fort Stockton, Texas.

“It would have been built over the next 18 months,” says Canada, senior vice president of renewable energy for McCarthy Building Companies. “It generally would have probably employed 300 to 400 people at its peak, depending on how tight the schedule was being compressed.”

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Denton could reach 100 percent renewable sooner than expected; the Astros are going to the World Series; early voting starts today; and more.

Solar power is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. Whether from massive utility-scale solar farms or residential rooftop panels, you can expect to see more solar in the future.

But scientists have identified something that can really hurt the performance of those panels: air pollution.

Texas leads the country in wind energy production and, because of the way the state’s electric grid is set up, most of that power stays right here. But a plan that would allow the state to make money exporting wind and solar power is moving slowly. 

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Wind is now the top source of renewable power in the nation. In the latest report from the American Wind Energy Association, Texas leads the nation in wind power production. 


At least seven coal-fired power plants in Texas could face closure in coming years because more renewables and cheap gas makes coal power too expensive. That’s according to a new report commissioned by the environmental group Public Citizen.

In the U.S., we guzzle down data – on our phones and computers – and generally don’t think much about where all that content is stored. It’s stored in places called data centers, and they’re a fundamental part of the infrastructure of the 21st century. The problem: Many of them are stuck in the past. A few companies building data centers in Texas though are trying to boost energy efficiency.

Denton Announces Renewable Energy Plan

Oct 7, 2015
Mike Baker / Texas Tribune

Denton announced a lofty plan Tuesday that aims to make the North Texas city one of the cleanest energy providers in the state.

In Central Texas, Georgetown Goes All In On Renewable Energy

Mar 19, 2015
Mike Baker / Texas Tribune

A Central Texas city is waving goodbye to fossil fuels.

Texas Wind Capacity Is Number One In The Country

Nov 25, 2014
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From the top of El Centro College, there’s no escaping a skyline that is – in part – a tribute to the fossil fuel industry. Not exactly the place you’d expect to find a wind farm.

UT Arlington

Commercial wind turbines stand more than a hundred feet tall, with blades nearly as long. The wind turbines developed by engineers at the University of Texas at Arlington are a bit smaller… just half than the size of an ant.

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The largest federally-owned wind farm is about to be built at the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced today. The five-turbine project will power more than 60 percent of the plant once it is complete.

Update:  The Solar Impulse project says all of its scheduled open houses for Saturday at DFW are full.  If they add other open houses the information will appear on their website

Solar Impulse touched down at DFW International early this morning at 1:08 a.m.  

The Phoenix-Dallas flight of more than 800 miles is the longest yet for the aircraft which is on a coast-to-coast trip to raise awareness about the capabilities of renewable energy.

A DFW International Airport spokesman says North Texans may think the strange lights they see shortly after midnight tonight are a UFO, but what they’re probably observing are the unusual lights along the wings of a solar powered plane landing at DFW.

Solar Impulse is the first airplane that can fly day or night without refueling.

Swiss aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andre' Borschberg are the developers and pilots of this first solar airplane powered by 12,000 solar cells.