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More New Mothers in Texas are Dying; Experts Can't Say Why

Sep 6, 2016
Philippe Put / The Texas Tribune

No matter which way you count, the number of Texas women dying after they have babies or unsuccessful pregnancies is on the rise.

Jacob Villanueva / Texas Tribune

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Grand Jury Indicts Abortion Foes Behind Undercover Videos

Jan 25, 2016
Jacob Villanueva / Texas Tribune

A Harris County grand jury on Monday indicted the videographers behind undercover recordings of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Houston and cleared the women's health provider of any wrongdoing.

After Sound And Fury, Planned Parenthood Still Funded In Texas

Dec 15, 2015
Tamir Kalifa / Texas Tribune

Almost two months after Texas Republican leaders announced they would kick Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid, it hasn't happened.

Tamir Kalifa / The Texas Tribune

Planned Parenthood’s Texas affiliates on Monday filed a federal lawsuit to keep state health officials from booting them from the state’s Medicaid program.

Actions Against Planned Parenthood Are Not Final, Texas Official Says

Oct 26, 2015
John Jordan / Texas Tribune

The Texas official in charge of the Medicaid inquiry of Planned Parenthood says that the organization has not been terminated from that federal health care program and that it would take at least a month to determine whether it should be.

Tamir Kalifa / Texas Tribune

Days after Texas health officials announced they want to kick Planned Parenthood outof the state Medicaid program, state investigators on Thursday visited Planned Parenthood facilities in San Antonio, Houston Dallas and Brownsville.

From Texas Standard:

Earlier this year, a three-person group calling itself the Center for Medical Progress started releasing surreptitious videos of Planned Parenthood officials from across the country – including Houston.

Texas Kicks Planned Parenthood Out Of Medicaid Program

Oct 19, 2015
Tamir Kalifa / Texas Tribune

Texas health officials say they are kicking Planned Parenthood out of the state Medicaid program entirely over what they called "acts of misconduct" revealed in undercover videos filmed earlier this year.

Abbott Launches Investigation Into Fetal Tissue From Abortions

Jul 15, 2015
Tamir Kalifa / Texas Tribune

After an anti-abortion group on Tuesday released an undercover video showing an executive at Planned Parenthood discussing how to preserve an aborted fetus’s organs for medical research, Gov. Greg Abbott announced an investigation into the alleged practice.

Ben Philpott / KUT/Texas Tribune

The Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked key parts of a 2013 law in Texas that had closed all but eight facilities providing abortions in America's second most-populous state.

Lauren Silverman / KERA News

Next month, a dozen abortion clinics in Texas will close because they don't meet tough new standards outlined in the controversial abortion law that passed last summer. Planned Parenthood in Dallas will open its new facility -- which will be one of just seven clinics in the state that meet the new requirements. 

William Couch / Flickr

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Doualy Xaykaothao / KERA News

Olympia Snowe is the only woman to have served in both houses of the Maine legislature and both houses of Congress. Two years ago, the moderate Republican retired from the U.S. Senate, citing the surge in hyper-partisanship and extremism. This week, she was in Dallas to speak at a Planned Parenthood awards luncheon -- and she talked with KERA’s vice president of news, Rick Holter, in this week’s Friday Conversation.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Fort Worth’s new Planned Parenthood center would have stopped offering abortions if the new Texas abortion law had gone into effect this week. A federal judge ruled that certain new abortion restrictions passed by the Texas Legislature are unconstitutional and should not take effect. Outside the center, reviews were mixed.

The fight over abortion in Texas is being played out in federal court, where abortion rights activists are challenging a new state law.

The measure bans abortions at 20 weeks, adds building requirements for clinics and places more rules on doctors who perform abortions. Some clinics have shut down, saying they can't comply with the law set to go into effect Oct. 29.

Shelley Kofler / KERA News

Republicans in the Texas House have passed the bill that bans most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  It’s now headed to the Senate, where it is also expected to pass.

Knowing they don’t have enough votes to stop the bill, pro-choice Democrats are taking their fight to the streets. Their “Stand With Texas Women” road trip”  stopped in Dallas Wednesday morning.

Texas put its new, state-funded Women’s Health Program on hold today, just hours before the retooled program was set to launch. And that means Planned Parenthood will continue getting state money to provide health care to women -- at least for the moment.

Planned Parenthood is hoping yesterday’s federal appeals court ruling on women’s health care in Indiana will persuade Texas officials to reconsider its ban on the organization.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood are urging Texas to "put women's health ahead of politics."

surroundsound5000 / (cc) flickr

A federal appeals judge says Texas cannot ban Planned Parenthood from receiving state funds.

The state’s top education official, Robert Scott, said he’s resigning his post as Texas Education Agency Commissioner, effective July 2.

He’ll leave five years to the day after Gov. Rick Perry appointed him as TEA leader. In a press release, Perry praised Scott’s performance.

Commissioner Scott's tenure overseeing nearly 5 million public school children statewide is the longest in the past 20 years.

surroundsound5000 / (cc) flickr

A federal judge in Austin has stopped Texas from banning Planned Parenthood from participating in the Women's Health Program.

Planned Parenthood is sharing new information of the merger of groups in Austin, Waco and North Texas. As KERA’s Courtney Collins explains, Planned Parenthood expects to come out even stronger.

Image credit:

Planned Parenthood groups in Austin, Waco and Dallas-Fort Worth are planning to merge into one organization.

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State health officials plan to roll out the Texas Women’s Health Program November 1. KERA’s BJ Austin says it will continue family planning services for low income women without any federal funds.

Gustaf Alstromer / (cc) flickr

Planned Parenthood is suing the state Health and Human Services Commission in federal court. It’s asking the court to enter a preliminary injunction that would stop the state from cutting Planned Parenthood funding that comes through the state’s Women’s Health Program.

Planned Parenthood clinics across the state have a little more time before the must turn away patients in the state’s Women’s Health Program. KERA’s BJ Austin says funding was to be cut Wednesday, but new regulations issued over the weekend allow patients to be seen through April 30.


Planned Parenthood of North Texas will hold its annual awards luncheon today (2/16/12) in Dallas. And the minds of many attending likely will be on the organization’s recent controversy involving the Susan G-Komen Center for the Cure.  The situation’s also on the mind of commentator Lee Cullum.

Richard Lacey (cc) flickr

An executive with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast-cancer charity has resigned after a dispute over funding for Planned Parenthood. 

Karen Handel announced her resignation as vice president for public policy in a letter to Komen officials Tuesday.

Handel said in her letter that she had supported cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood.

Handel, a former Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, emphasized her opposition to abortion during her 2010 campaign.