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State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, speaks at the Republican Party of Texas convention in San Antonio on June 16, 2018.
Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune

After news broke that an activist pushing a “constitutional carry” gun proposal tried to visit the homes of several Texas House leaders, state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, declared his bill on the matter dead and wrote in a statement Friday he’s “officially canceling” his request for a committee hearing.

Dallas Shooting Changed The Conversation About Police In Texas

Dec 27, 2016
Robert W. Hart for The Texas Tribune

In 2016, the state of police-community relations fluctuated with each deadly encounter between law enforcement and civilians across the country. Texas had one of the most high-profile events of the year, when a gunman opened fire in July on Dallas officers as a Black Lives Matter protest wrapped. The year was also marked by efforts to reform the state's criminal justice system, particularly jail conditions.


Beginning Monday, concealed handgun license holders are allowed to carry their weapons at state colleges and universities in Texas. Not everyone’s happy about it.

With the Texas open carry law in effect, visitors at this year’s South by Southwest festival could see more guns in public.

For the third year in a row, guns rights activists are planning to take to the streets at SXSW, openly displaying their firearms. Before this year, they could only legally carry long guns like rifles and shotguns. But Texas' open carry law, which went into effect in January, allows license holders to visibly wear a wide range of firearms, as long as they’re in a holster.

Arina P. Habich / Shutterstock

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Only a small percentage of Texans think background checks are bogus; the Oscar nominations lack minorities and Texans; SNL’s creator will speak at the George W. Bush Center about political parody; and more.   

Ray's Sporting Goods in Dallas' Oak Cliff is a neighborhood firearm dreamland.

It's stocked with the latest pistols, shotguns and AR-15 military-style rifles. Chuck Payne, the store's manager, says he has sold to a lot more women recently.

"A lot of married ladies with their husbands, some without, but they've decided that their husband's not home, they need to be able to do something and they need a different gun than what their husband had," Payne says.

Texas Lawmakers: Don't Single Out College Students Who Carry Guns

Jan 26, 2016
Photo illustration by Todd Wiseman/Texas Tribune

Texas senators on Tuesday urged the state's six university chancellors not to single out students who carry guns on campus when the state's new campus carry law goes into effect in August. 

Lauren Silverman / KERA News

It’s been a few weeks since the open carry law took effect in Texas. But many women still prefer to keep their guns concealed – and there is a growing accessory industry to feed their gun fashion needs.

Todd Wiseman / Texas Tribune

The gun debate became front and center last week when President Obama announced his executive actions on gun violence. At the same time, Texas began allowing the open carry of handguns.

C.J. Grisham for Senate website

In the wake of President Obama's efforts to take on gun violence, the head of the group Open Carry Texas told KERA News that the president "wants to make sure that more kids die by refusing to allow us to carry on the schools to protect our own kids."

Texas Zoos Struggle To Limit Guns Under New Laws

Jan 7, 2016
Kevin1086 via Wikimedia Commons

The next battle over gun rights in Texas may take place in an unlikely setting: the zoo.

Arina P Habich / Shutterstock

The new year brought a new law that’s generated a lot of heat in Texas – the open carry of handguns. Here's a look at what open carry means for Texas.

David Mead / University of Texas

We’ve heard about open carry, the new law now in effect in Texas. It allows license holders to openly carry guns. Later this year, another gun law called campus carry goes into effect. Guns must be concealed at colleges. Campuses are trying to figure out how the new law will work.

Video: Patrick Hopes For Fewer Barriers To Own Guns

Jan 4, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called gun rights "an evolving issue" on national television Sunday morning, stating he hopes that one day all Americans can have a gun with minimal obstructions.

As Open Carry Takes Effect, Officials Predict Lawsuits

Jan 4, 2016
Todd Wiseman / Texas Tribune

As the New Year arrived, so did a new option for gun-toting Texans. 

Fake Mass Shooting Demonstration Moved Off UT-Austin Campus

Dec 9, 2015
Jennifer Whitney / Texas Tribune

A Texas gun rights group plans to hold a fake mass shooting demonstration Saturday near the University of Texas at Austin to protest gun-free zones.

From Texas Standard:

A group made up of professors, and a few others, rallied behind their common goal of a gun-free UT on Monday at the University of Texas at Austin. This pushback against a state campus carry law passed last session has been building for months. The new law is set to take effect next year.

The protesters' message was loud and clear: ban guns or we could sue. Law professor Ken Williams from South Texas College of Law in Houston says their main claim will center around how universities will ensure a safe environment for both students and faculty.


Earlier this year Texas lawmakers passed a law allowing licensed gun owners to bring concealed weapons into university buildings and classrooms. The so-called “campus carry” law takes effect August 1, 2016, for public universities and in 2017 for community colleges.

Daniel Hamermesh started teaching at the University of Texas at Austin in 1993 and retired last year, but he was scheduled to teach another introductory economics class as professor emeritus. Instead, he’s quitting early because of the new gun law.

Parkland Hospital/Facebook

Starting in January, you can legally carry handguns in public in Texas. And later next year, you can have concealed handguns on state university campuses. There are still a few strictly gun-free zones, like hospitals. Some Second Amendment advocates are trying to change that.

Philip Lange /

Texas-based Whataburger is asking customers not to openly carry guns in its restaurants.

Texas Tribune

Gov. Greg Abbott got most of what he wanted out of his first legislative session as the state's chief executive.  However, not all Republicans share his enthusiasm.

Texas Tribune

State lawmakers can go into the final weekend stretch of their legislative session now that they’ve cleared a procedural deadline this week for considering bills.  

Ross Ramsey, executive editor of The Texas Tribune, talks about which bills did and did not make the cut.

Texas House Approves Open Carry Of Handguns

Apr 20, 2015
Texas Tribune

After turning back last-minute attempts to let city voters opt out, the Texas House gave final approval Monday to legislation allowing gun owners with concealed weapons licenses to carry their side arms openly.

Open Carry Wins Initial Approval In Texas House

Apr 20, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

Texas is well on its way to allowing the open carry of handguns in public places after House lawmakers took an initial step to approve it Friday.

Todd Wiseman / The Texas Tribune

Texas will be well on its way to allowing gun owners with concealed weapons permits to start carrying their handguns openly in public places if the state House approves key gun legislation Tuesday.

Texas Senate Approves Open Carry Of Handguns

Mar 16, 2015
Marjorie Kamys Cotera / Texas Tribune

A bill lifting some of the state's restrictions on handguns cleared the Texas Senate along a party line vote of 20 to 11 Monday.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

In an online video, a North Texas gun rights activist pushing for legislation allowing Texans to openly carry guns tells legislators that treason is "punishable by death."

Open Carry Survives In Texas Despite Its Supporters

Jan 29, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

A day after Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick came close to declaring legislation permitting the open carry of handguns dead on arrival, a deluge of angry calls and comments from gun rights activists appears to have resurrected it.

Activists Line Up To Support Openly Carrying Guns In Texas

Jan 15, 2015

Gun rights activists lined up at a press conference on Thursday to voice support for legislation that would allow Texans to openly carry handguns without a license.

Gun Rights Activists Cause Stir At Texas Capitol

Jan 13, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

An armed rally to protest gun laws saw about a dozen Second Amendment supporters toting rifles and antique revolvers in front of the Capitol gates throughout most of the 2015 legislative session's opening day.