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Hugh Downs at the "Today" show 60th anniversary celebration in New York on Jan. 12, 2012.
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Hugh Downs, the genial, versatile broadcaster who became one of television’s most familiar and welcome faces with more than 15,000 hours on news, game and talk shows, has died at age 99.

Downs died of natural causes at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Wednesday, said his great-niece, Molly Shaheen.

Roger Horchow in his Dallas home in 2013.

He met George Gershwin as a child and fell in love with his music. He went on to sell luxury goods by mail order like no one else — and then created one of the ultimate luxury goods: his very own George Gershwin musical on Broadway.

Roger Horchow, the Dallasite who created The Horchow Collection catalog and produced the now-classic Broadway musical, “Crazy for You,” died Saturday morning in his Dallas home. He was 91.


Lyn Seymour, a longtime television producer at KERA and programming leader at PBS, died Tuesday night in Tampa after testing positive for COVID-19, her family said.

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Mike Stone, the former Texas Rangers president who later served as commissioner of the independent baseball Northern League, has died. He was 80.

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Kathryn Johnson, a trailblazing reporter for The Associated Press whose intrepid coverage of the civil rights movement and other major stories led to a string of legendary scoops, died Wednesday. She was 93.

Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP

T. Boone Pickens was remembered at a Dallas funeral on Thursday for his humor, tenacity and larger-than-life personality.

"Boone was bigger than life. In fact, Boone was bigger than Texas itself," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said at the service at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

Rob Tranchin / KERA

Writer John Graves has died in his home, Hard Scrabble, southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth near Glen Rose.

The Austin American Statesman writes: “Details were not immediately available, but W.K. “Kip” Stratton, president of the Texas Institute of Letters, sent an email to members on Wednesday morning, announcing Graves’ death.”

Twelve years ago, then-KERA staffer Rob Tranchin made this documentary about Graves: