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There's a new development in the ongoing battle over glare from the Museum Tower. The board of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System has voted to stop looking for a solution to the glare cast by the tower. 


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The owners of the Museum Tower in Dallas' Arts District introduced what they called a new proposal today to fix the glare the high-rise has created at the Nasher Sculpture Center next door. But Nasher officials say it’s a dressed-up version of a proposal already rejected.

The resignation of board trustee Thomas White, a Dallas police officer, comes as questions are being raised about swanky real estate investments making up a disproportionate amount of the pension fund's assets. The controversial Museum Tower in downtown Dallas is among the properties owned by the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System.

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The Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board has hired Hunt Investment Management to vet offers to buy the 42-story luxury condo building the Pension Board owns in the Dallas Arts District.

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The Nasher Sculpture Center opens a new, prestigious exhibit this Saturday, called “Ken Price Sculptures: A Retrospective.” And temporary mesh panels will be installed on the exhibit hall ceiling to protect the brightly colored ceramic sculptures from the sun’s glare reflected off the Museum Tower next door.

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Peter Walker, the renowned landscape architect who designed the Nasher Sculpture Center's garden, has waded into the debate about the glare from nearby Museum Tower. Walker's the focus of a new Huffington Post piece by Charles Birnbaum, president of the Cultural Landscape Foundation.

Peter Walker, the landscape architect for the Nasher Sculpture Center, weighs in on the controversy between the Nasher and the nearby Museum Tower. Charles A. Birnbaum, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Cultural Landscape Foundation, talked to Walker for the Huffington Post.

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We may be on the cusp of winter, but things are pretty fiery in the demilitarized zone of the Dallas Arts District that lies between the Nasher Sculpture Center and Museum Tower.

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The sun-scorched dispute between the Nasher Sculpture Center and the 42-story Museum Tower next door just got hotter. The mediator brought in to broker peace has quit.

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Mediation’s begun to try and resolve the controversy between the Nasher Sculpture Center in downtown Dallas and the Museum Tower next door. At issue is glare from the Tower’s reflective glass and its impact on the Nasher’s outdoor garden and indoor galleries.  Commentator Lee Cullum weighs in on the controversy.

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Well-known Dallas attorney and civic leader Tom Luce has agreed to mediate a high-stakes dispute between the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Museum Tower, which is under construction next door.