In their new state platform, Texas Republicans suggest reparative therapy" for patrients seeking healing and wholeness from their homosexuality." The platform also says "homosexuality is a chosen behavior," something most gays and lesbians reject. Gay Republicans say they had convinced many party delegates to back their efforts to remove offensive comments from the platform, but convention rules prevented the delegates from addessing the audience.

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In meeting rooms and hallways at the Texas Republican Party Convention, delegates Friday hotly argued over whether a guest worker program should remain in their party platform. Gay Republicans fought to eliminate a plank that suggested reparative therapy be available for those who want to escape their gay "lifestyle."

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Gay Republicans say they’ll fight to eliminate demeaning language about “homosexuality” in the state GOP platform when the party brings its convention to Fort Worth on Thursday.

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All of Texas’ biggest cities have passed ordinances that ban discrimination against people based on sexual orientation – except for San Antonio. That changed on Thursday when the San Antonio City Council voted 8 to 3 to adopt its own policy. Hundreds of people testified for several hours on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Many North Texas closely followed Wednesday's Supreme Court decision in two cases -- gay marriage in California and the Defense of Marriage Act. Some residents spoke with KERA News about the court's rulings and what it means to them.

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Update, 12:40 p.m.:  In Dallas, some gay rights advocates called the Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act a partial victory because states like Texas do not recognize same-sex marriages. However, Texas couples who were married in other states will now be eligible for federal benefits.

"While the SCOTUS ruled against federal discrimination, they left state discrimination in place," Lynn Walters, Executive Director of Hope for Peace and Justice, said in a press release. "While it is a partial victory, it means that far too many same gender couples will continue to suffer discrimination in a state like Texas."


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The vote has been taken but the controversy isn't over - The Irving-based Boy Scouts of America will lift its long time ban and allow gay boys to join their organization – although the ban on gay adults remains. 

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The conservative Heritage Foundation says national Boy Scout leaders are pulling a  bait and switch with a proposal that would change the current gay ban policy.  

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The Boy Scouts of America, with national headquarters in Irving,  is proposing an end to its longstanding ban on gay scouts. It would however maintain a ban on  gay/lesbian adult  scout leaders.

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 It’ll be another three months before we know if the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America will change its gay ban policy. More than 100 supporters of the policy rallied at Scout headquarters after the organization said it would keep its gay ban, for now.                                             

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Former Boy Scout leaders say they've turned in more than 1.4 million petition signatures demanding the Boy Scouts of America end its policy banning gay scouts and leaders. The national organization, based in Irving, might consider a change this week, but that’s unclear.

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An announcement by the Boy Scouts of America last Monday has raised expectations that the organization's board will vote to eliminate its ban on gay scouts and volunteers during a quarterly meeting in Irving this week.

Boy Scouts of America

The Irving-based Boy Scouts of America says it's discussing actions that would end the national organization's ban on gay scouts and gay scout leaders. The Scouts' National Executive Board is scheduled to meet next week in Irving.

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Dallas County has approved an employee health plan that will insure unmarried, gay or lesbian partners. The county becomes just the third in Texas with a domestic partner policy.

It’s human nature at any age to seek heroes with whom we self-identify.  But commentator Rawlins Gilliland questions how this applies when would-be role models remain invisible.

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In her light khaki uniform, Jennifer Tyrrell, her partner Alicia Burns and their children, 7-year-old Cruz and 5-year-old Jude, hauled three large boxes into the Irving Boy Scouts building. 

Victims of bullies and those picked on because they’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered have federal law on their side. KERA’s Bill Zeeble reports that was one of the messages at a university conference that featured the U.S. Attorney General.