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Hurting for Work

Injured, Dead Workers Are Casualties Of The 'Texas Miracle'

Jul 3, 2014
Callie Richmond / Texas Tribune

The statistics tell a compelling story about the workers who are building the "Texas miracle" economy: Hundreds of thousands of them have no occupational insurance coverage. Just as many have stripped-down plans and limited legal rights.

The Widow Vs. The Insurer: A Wife's Fight For Her Family's Future

Jul 2, 2014
Brandon Thibodeaux / Texas Tribune

TYLER — Crystal Davis was headed to the grocery store when the text message popped up on her phone. It was from her next-door neighbor.

“Can you come home?” it said. “Something has happened.”

After Catastrophic Fall, The Fight Of One Worker's Life

Jul 1, 2014
Justin Dehn / Texas Tribune

HOUSTON — Along a street lined with warehouses on the east side of Houston, nine Mexican laborers working about 20 feet off the ground are tearing up a concrete roof with hand-made pick axes.

Behind Texas Miracle, A Broken System For Workers

Jun 30, 2014
Callie Richmond / Texas Tribune

Drive almost anywhere in the vast Lone Star State and you will see evidence of the “Texas miracle" economy that policymakers like Gov. Rick Perry can’t quit talking about.