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Texas Central Partners

After years of hearing about a bullet train shuttling passengers between Dallas and Houston in 90 minutes, the public will get a chance to talk about the ambitious and controversial project.

Graphic Emily Albracht / The Texas Tribune

HOUSTON — Federal officials narrowed the possible paths for a Dallas-Houston bullet train down to one likely route Friday, providing an unknown number of rural Texans the most definitive answer so far as to whether their land will be in the path of the controversial project.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: The latest on the Dallas-Fort Worth rail project; Denton renames Robert E. Lee Elementary; Dallas City Manager reflects on his first nine months; and more.

From Texas Standard:

A plan for a high-speed rail line that would allow Texans to travel from Houston to Dallas in a quick 90 minutes is moving forward, but not without a lot of setbacks and continued opposition from some communities along the proposed route. Topics of concern include the possibility that train tracks will bisect private property, the high cost of building the bullet train and its financing.

Norihiro Kataoka

Irving-based Fluor Enterprises and the Lane Construction Corp. have been chosen to design and build a proposed high-speed rail between North Texas and Houston, developer Texas Central Partners announced Monday.

Texas landowners opposed to a high-speed train line between Dallas and Houston took to the Capitol Thursday and early Friday to warn lawmakers that the project would ruin rural lifestyles and prevent growth in the counties between the two cities.

Norihiro Kataoka

The Texas Senate's transportation committee sent to the full Senate on Wednesday five high-speed train bills, some of which could impact or hinder a private company's plans to build a bullet train from Dallas to Houston.

JR Central

The private developer of a planned bullet train between Dallas and Houston has withdrawn more than a dozen lawsuits against Texas landowners that sought court orders allowing the company access to private property to survey land for the 240-mile project.


There’s been a lot of talk about plans for a high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston, but another high-speed train could eventually serve passengers from Oklahoma to South Texas.

Texas Bullet Train Opponents Hope To Block Project Next Year

Jul 26, 2016
Norihiro Kataoka

The state Legislature could put up major road blocks next year for a private firm's plans to build a high-speed rail project connecting Houston and Dallas now that a federal transportation board has decided the project falls under state jurisdiction.

Lawmaker Revives Eminent Domain Question For Bullet Train

Jun 17, 2016
Norihiro Kataoka / Texas Tribune

State Rep. Byron Cook asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Friday to rule on whether a private company developing a high-speed train project in the state has the power of eminent domain.

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The Dallas Morning News announced today that it may be moving out of its current home at Young and Houston streets.

Texas Bullet Train Opponents Sue TxDOT And Paxton

Mar 4, 2016
Texas Central Railway

A group opposed to a private firm's plans to build a bullet train stretching from Dallas to Houston has filed a lawsuit against the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in an effort to obtain communications between the firm and state officials.

Texas Bullet Train Opponents Reach Out To Japanese Ambassador

Jan 13, 2016
Norihiro Kataoka / Texas Tribune

Thirty-three East Texas officials sent a letter to the Japanese ambassador to the United States on Monday to express their opposition to a private Texas firm's proposed high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston that has strong ties to a Japanese company.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Vice President Joe Biden came to Dallas Wednesday to promote investment in transit, roads and rail.


Texas Rail Prospects Tempt French, Chinese, Japanese

Nov 11, 2015
Central Japan Railway Company

Despite its car-is-king reputation, Texas has emerged as a hot market for international rail firms betting the state is ripe for a boom in high-speed rail projects.

Japan Railway Company

A proposed bullet train between Dallas and Houston could pump more than $36 billion into the state economy over the next 25 years, including more than $2.5 billion in local and state taxes, according to a study commissioned by the private firm developing the project.

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The proposed bullet train between Dallas and Houston survived multiple hits in the Texas Legislature earlier this year. Now, the private company building the train is chugging forward with plans to be up and running by 2021. However, opponents are still working to kill the project.

Texas Bullet Train Moving Forward Despite Obstacles

Sep 8, 2015
JR Central

The private firm hoping to build a high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston has been celebrating a summer of successes: completing a successful round of fundraising, seeing a key federal study move forward, surviving the legislative session unscathed. 

Texas Central

Texas Central Partners introduced a new CEO today -- and announced that it’s raised $75 million for its private bullet train. The high speed rail would whisk riders between Dallas and Houston in 90 minutes, with a stop near College Station.  Here’s the new CEO Tim Keith with his take on the project.

Texas Central Railway

Top House and Senate negotiators sealed up the final unresolved issues on a two-year budget deal on Thursday evening, including removing controversial language that would have killed a proposed Dallas-Houston bullet train.

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A proposed bullet train between Dallas and Houston has run into a couple of potential roadblocks: landowners in rural Texas and legislators in Austin.

JR Central

Just over a year ago, the mayors of Dallas and Houston announced their support for a proposed privately funded bullet train that would travel between the two cities in less than 90 minutes.

Texas Lawmaker's Bill A Silver Bullet To Stop Dallas-To-Houston Train

Feb 26, 2015
Texas Tribune

A lawmaker whose district sits near the proposed route for a planned bullet train connecting Houston and Dallas filed a bill Wednesday that could stop the project in its tracks.

Texas Central Railway

Texas Central High-Speed Railway -- the company that wants to build a bullet train between Houston and Dallas -- has settled on one recommended route.


The company behind the proposed Dallas-to-Houston bullet train has selected two locations as possible sites for a Dallas high-speed rail station.

Texas Central Railway

Plans for the proposed high-speed rail line from Dallas to Houston continue. Environmental impact studies are under way for the line, which would cost several billion dollars and be privately funded. On Friday, the president of the company behind the rail line gave an update.

The Texas Tribune

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Texas Republicans are not pleased with last night’s executive action announcement, reception for a Dallas-to-Fort Worth bullet train was chilly, the State Board of Education will try to vote again on textbooks, and more.

Texas Central Railway

Transportation officials are traveling the state talking about a proposed bullet train that would whisk travelers from Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes. That plan has gotten a warm reception, but an additional line between Dallas and Fort Worth generally got the cold shoulder at a meeting Thursday night.