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A.J. Walls is a senior at Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy. She's editor of the year book. And shes missing out on the end of her final year in school.
A.J. Walls

The senior year of high school is supposed to be crammed with memory-making moments like prom and graduation. Heck, even emptying your locker for the last time can feel sort of ceremonial.

But for the class of 2020, none of that's happening. KERA caught up with one high school senior who's mourning some missed milestones.

Grand Prairie ISD

The Grand Prairie Independent School District has appointed an interim superintendent following the death last week of Superintendent Susan Simpson Hull.

Grand Prairie ISD

Susan Simpson Hull had a demanding job leading 30,000 students. But she found strength and clarity on the road. She had an adventurous spirit and loved riding her Harley. The Grand Prairie Independent School District superintendent died Monday in Arizona following a motorcycle accident.

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Perhaps the hardest part of being a high school teacher is seeing students drop out or fail to graduate. But sometimes, students and teachers get a second chance.

Grand Prairie ISD's Former Chief Financial Officer Accused Of $600,000 Theft

Aug 23, 2016
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The former chief financial officer of Grand Prairie schools has been charged with stealing $600,000 from the district.

Stella M. Chávez

During the past decade, it seems like every school has added a garden. Educators say the benefits range from kids learning about healthier food to improving their social and emotional health. In Grand Prairie, there’s an elementary school that goes way beyond the traditional school garden.

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The Grand Prairie school district and Uplift charter schools just announced a first in North Texas: A partnership that will put a charter school within a public school.

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UPDATE: The Grand Prairie school district has released a statement about the settlement. It said that the board "is confident the single-member district system will continue to produce" quality candidates and board members.

"The current Administration's emphasis on high-level achievement for all students will continue, resulting in outstanding educational programs and opportunities," the statement read. "The Board is hopeful the new system will encourage even more participation in the election process."

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School gardens are sprouting up across North Texas. The newest may be at a Grand Prairie elementary school. Last week, students, faculty and corporate volunteers turned the campus courtyard into an educational garden in a single day.

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Texas must change its teacher evaluation system because of a deal it cut with the federal government a few years ago. The state’s education commissioner and others weigh in on what a new system might include.

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Digital learning sounds like a teacher’s dream. But tech savvy kids and their devices present a whole new set of challenges. On Tuesday, a group of about 200 educators from around the state participated in a summit to discuss the latest digital teaching tools and strategies at Grand Prairie High School. The event was organized by Discovery Education, the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Bickel & Brewer Storefront is suing the Grand Prairie Independent School District claiming its at-large election system violates the Voting Rights Act and denies Latino voters fair representation.

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Second graders at Seguin Elementary School in Grand Prairie have a message for their peers in West ISD.

“We’re with you” and “You’re in our prayers.”

The messages were written on "gingerbread people" that the children made out of butcher paper this week. Moms laid down on the paper as their children traced them. They worked together to decorate the imaginary figures with hearts and smiles and then wrote words of encouragement.