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Grand Prairie ISD

The Grand Prairie Independent School District has appointed an interim superintendent following the death last week of Superintendent Susan Simpson Hull.

Grand Prairie ISD

Susan Simpson Hull had a demanding job leading 30,000 students. But she found strength and clarity on the road. She had an adventurous spirit and loved riding her Harley. The Grand Prairie Independent School District superintendent died Monday in Arizona following a motorcycle accident.


A Grand Prairie man, who received a Louisville Slugger glove nearly 60 years after a bubble gum and baseball card contest, got another sweet deal from the candy company.

Shelby Knowles / Texas Tribune

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' message of modern-day populism brought out Texans by the thousands on Saturday.

Lone Star Park Welcomes Back Track Fans

Sep 2, 2015
Gus Contreras / KERA News

After a quiet day, the buzz was back at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie. Bettors were happily cashing simulcast tickets once again.

The Grand Alps Resoirt Development

The city of Grand Prairie wants to build an indoor ski resort with a run as tall as Arlington’s AT&T Stadium. The $400 million project would be the largest in the United States, with seven slopes, a snowboard course with an Olympic half-pipe, and the first Hard Rock Hotel in Texas. 

Doualy Xaykaothao

The last of the Blockbuster stores will close in the next few weeks. The move was announced by Dish Network, which bought what remained of the video chain out of bankruptcy two years ago.

Blockbuster was based in Dallas during its glory years. And despite the rise of Netflix, DVRs and video streaming, for a few folks at the 15 remaining North Texas stores, video loyalty dies hard.

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UPDATE, Wed. 11:45am:  Water service in Grand Prairie returned to normal sooner than city officials anticipated. They had expected full service to be restored Thursday, three days after the major pipeline rupture. But the city's Amy Sprinkles credits swift and smooth repair and cut-backs in water use by residents with today's return to business as usual.

"We've got the water back on, flowing through the line," Sprinkles said. "We tested it, everything held. We got the water disinfected and we are filling the water tanks today. We are back to regular operations in Grand Prairie." 

Original story:

Grand Prairie officials say things should be back to normal Thursday after a major water main break threatened to leave the city high and dry for a couple of days.  The city's warning that the water could be shut-off sent residents scurrying to stock up.