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Wille Hudspeth, wearing a green American flag T-shirt and a Vietnam veterans hat, sits on a bench in Denton's green, grassy town square.
Miranda Suarez / KERA

The statue of a young man stands with a rifle, facing south, on top of a white stone arch with the words "Our Confederate Soldiers."

It has stood in Denton's town square since 1918, but earlier this month the Denton County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to remove and relocate it

A stone tablet reads "In memory of Confederate soldiers, 1861-1865, and their descendents who served in Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II."
Miranda Suarez / KERA

Elected officials in both Tarrant and Denton Counties on Tuesday voted to remove Confederate monuments that sit near their courthouses.

Downtown Frisco

In the booming suburbs north of Dallas, the city of Frisco grew faster than any other large city in the country over the last decade. That’s according to a new analysis from the Census Bureau.

A student from Denton Guyer High School gets his temperature checked before the graduation ceremony.
Lauren Rangel for KERA

More than 30 North Texas high schools are holding graduations this month. Not in an auditorium, but at a racetrack.

Courtesy of Jonah Ortiz

Your senior year is one for the ages.

Class trips, prom and graduation all help mark the end of one chapter and the start of another.

The pandemic has stolen some of these moments from the Class of 2020, but that hasn’t kept seniors from celebrating a milestone year.

Denton State Supported Living Center
Christopher Connelly / KERA

Texas will soon test all residents and staff for the new coronavirus in state-run homes for people with disabilities, according to an email sent to employees from the state official who oversees the facilities.

Denton State Supported Living Center
Christopher Connelly / KERA

When the novel coronavirus hit Texas, Mike Danks immediately began to worry about the possibility of an outbreak at the state-run home where his 31-year-old daughter, Sarah Danks, lives.

Christopher Connelly / KERA News

Two weeks ago, Emilie and Tim Sherrod received a letter from the Denton State Supported Living Center. It said visitation had been suspended due to concerns about coronavirus, so they wouldn’t be visiting their identical twin sons, Ty and Tate, any time soon.

The Denton State Supported Living Center has more than 400 residents and 1,400 staff members.
Cooper Neill / The Texas Tribune

Warning that a COVID-19 outbreak at a state-run home for people with disabilities could quickly overwhelm health care workers, local officials in Denton called on Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday to build a temporary hospital on site.

some of the edible cars on plates
Bill Zeeble / KERA News

For more than 20 years, Texas Woman’s University  has hosted a build-your-own car contest for kids in grades six through 12. It’s kind of like the Boy Scouts’ Derby Pinewood, only for these cars, think baked good. 

Kevin Baird via Flickr

Denton City Council members say they are open to further discussion about a possible non-discrimination ordinance but did not commit to a specific plan during a work session Tuesday.

Rob Upchurch / KERA News special contributor

A grassroots group in Denton has been petitioning City Council members to enact a non-discrimination ordinance that would protect LGBTQ people.


A police officer in North Texas fatally shot a man at an apartment complex early Tuesday after the man refused to drop a frying pan and cleaver that he was holding, officials said.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch until 9 p.m. for a large portion of North and Central Texas early Friday afternoon. Eastern Wise County is under a tornado warning until 3:30 p.m.

Your November 2019 North Texas Voting Guide

Nov 5, 2019
Anne Mullen, of Dallas, wears shoes with "VOTE" written on them during an election night party in Dallas in 2018.
Associated Press

Are you ready for Election Day today? Voting can be complicated; people often find themselves unsure of where to go, what to bring and what's on the ballot. Don't fear; we've put together this guide with what you need to know to vote in North Texas.


An alleged assault — followed by a anti-Semetic slur — on a Denton bar manager and then a white nationalist demonstration riled up the city of Denton this week.

Robin Jerstad / The Texas Tribune

A new super PAC focused on registering new Republican voters in Texas has raised nearly $10 million from some of the state's biggest GOP donors, according to its first report to the Federal Election Commission.

Associated Press

A federal officer gunned down while transporting prisoners through eastern Kentucky was honored at a small ceremony Friday in Plano, more than a century after his death.


Summer heat in Texas at or near 100 degrees is uncomfortable, but also dangerous if you’re not careful. An emergency medicine physician warns not to take the heat for granted.


Auditory processing issues are common in children with autism spectrum disorder. Yet there are no set standards for testing for what doctors call auditory processing disorder — when the brain's ability to interpret sound is compromised. The University of North Texas, though, is looking to help change that.


A vaccination can prevent 90% of cancers caused by human papillomavirus or HPV. But Texas has been slow to embrace it. Denton County's public health director looks to his own region for possible reasons for the low vaccination rates.

Courtney Collins / KERA news

Denton Bible Church has some unusual outreach programs. The "Sweat Team" is a group of folks who help clean up storm debris. And then there's the "Cattle Ministry," a church-run herd that provides beef to low income families in Denton. 

Miguel Perez / KERA News

Nestled on the shores of Lewisville Lake in Denton County is a town that's fully embraced lake life.

So much so that Little Elm's official motto is "The Town With a Lake Attitude."

Aaron Jacobs / distributed under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.5 license

Denton County voters may find themselves voting in new districts for members of the county commissioners court next year. The Denton County Commissioners Court is planning to redraw their districts this summer. Commissioners say it’s an effort to make sure their precincts are equal in this fast-growing county, but critics of the plan says it’s being rushed unnecessarily and will have a discriminatory effect.

Associated Press

Muslims in North Texas and around the world have been celebrating Ramadan, the holy month during which Muslims fast daily from dawn through dusk. It ends with Eid al-Fitr.

Taylor Moran

Strong tornadoes and major floods often produce nonstop news coverage and an outpouring of charitable giving. It's the small storms, though, that tend to come and go without much notice.

That's when Denton Bible Church steps in.

A hallway at the 24-hour Courtney's SAFE Place clinic at Turning Point rape crisis center in Plano, Texas. The clinic was designed to help patients feel calm and supported.
Courtesy Courtney's SAFE Place

The Turning Point rape crisis center in Plano is designed to be a place where survivors of sexual assault feel safe.

Julio Cortez / Associated Press

Opportunity zones are an effort to bring investors to struggling neighborhoods in exchange for tax benefits. There are thousands across the country, including 18 in Dallas County, seven in Tarrant and three in Denton County.

Thibault Camus / Associated Press

Thousands of people crowded the streets of Paris on Monday as Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames. Among the throngs: a pair of North Texas artists celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

Anthony Cave / KERA News

As the pops of gunfire echo around him, Monte Petersen stoops to collect small brass casings that recently flew from his .45 pistol. They jingle like loose change as he picks them off the gun range floor and tosses them into a bucket.