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ChauffeurMaurice Scott opens the door to an SUV inside the garage of Premier Transportation in Dallas.
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The efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 have been tough, especially on the hospitality industry. From food service to hotels to any company catering to travelers, workers in this industry are facing an unprecedented challenge. And the owners of those shuttered businesses employ a big chunk of the Dallas-Fort Worth workforce

Dallas Fed: Energy Will Drag Down Texas Economy This Year

Feb 4, 2020
Dallas skyline
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Speaking in San Antonio at an event hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas last week, economist Keith Phillips said he expects the Texas economy to again be stronger than the nation’s in 2020.

Dallas skyline
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More than one million people have moved to North Texas since 2010, making it the fastest growing of the large metropolitan areas in the U.S. 

Every year, more people move to Texas from other states than leave. They come for jobs, higher education and a relatively lower cost of living, among other things. But the net population growth from those new arrivals has been shrinking, and researchers are trying to figure out why.