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Homeless counts across Texas and the rest of the country are happening this week. Thursday night, volunteers in DentonDallas, Collin and Tarrant counties will tally what's known as unsheletered homeless.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

A new study found a protein linked to Alzheimer’s Disease also contributes to problems with diabetes and obesity.

Advancing Breast Cancer Care Video / UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) is using a new device in its efforts to improve breast cancer treatment: the GammaPod.  

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The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch until 9 p.m. for a large portion of North and Central Texas early Friday afternoon. Eastern Wise County is under a tornado warning until 3:30 p.m.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot
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A contempt of court charge has been dropped against the Dallas County district attorney over a television interview he gave on the eve of a high-profile murder trial involving a police officer.

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A new study suggests there is a tie between brain differences and obesity. Brain scans on nearly 3,200 children found those who were overweight had slightly less volume in a part of the brain that controls “executive functions.”


Ear infections are very common in young children. Most go away on their own, but some infections require antibiotics and other cases require further help from ear tubes.

chocolate chip cookie dough

Forget about licking the batter on the spoon or sampling raw cookie dough. Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say you risk the chance of illness if you do.

Dallas's Paul Quinn College Aims To Be A National Model For Overcoming Poverty

Dec 19, 2019
Paul Quinn College in Dallas is attempting to ease its students out of poverty by becoming the nation's first urban work college. Nov. 11, 2019.
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On a recent Sunday night, Paul Quinn College president Michael Sorrell kicked off an hourlong, unstructured group discussion during his problem-solving course with a question.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked the class composed of the school’s top 18 students.

Lakesha Bunch and her children Baylor, 3, and Josiah, 10 months.
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What happens when a parent gets sick — and doesn't have child care lined up during treatment? When researchers study women’s health, they often overlook that critical need. But Dallas's Parkland Hospital is trying to change that.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins
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Dallas County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday welcoming refugees and consenting to resettlement in the county.

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The North Texas region leads the country in the number of people arrested by U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Three Louisiana men have been charged with capital murder in the killing of a witness who testified at the murder trial of a Dallas police officer who shot her unarmed neighbor in his home.


The CDC says only 35% of pregnant women in 2018 received vaccines against flu and whooping cough —putting them and their infants at risk of severe illness. 

The Home Depot at Forest and Highway 75 sustained substantial damage from the Oct. 20 tornado.
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A Dallas County sheriff’s deputy accused of stealing items from a Home Depot he was guarding after it was destroyed by a tornado last month has been charged with theft.


The Thanksgiving meal will mean some overindulgence for some. Those with diabetes will have to exercise some care, but holiday food doesn't have to be a major issue.

Susan Moreno works in the dual-language and International Baccalaureate program at J.L. Long Middle School.
Milken Family Foundation

A Dallas ISD Spanish teacher has won $25,000 for being one of the best teachers in the country. Susan Moreno from J.L. Long Middle School is the only Milken Educator Award winner in Texas.


A current trend in food, clean eating's not about the actual cleanliness of food, but rather choosing minimally processed, ethically raised foods rich in naturally occurring nutrients.

Your November 2019 North Texas Voting Guide

Nov 5, 2019
Anne Mullen, of Dallas, wears shoes with "VOTE" written on them during an election night party in Dallas in 2018.
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Are you ready for Election Day today? Voting can be complicated; people often find themselves unsure of where to go, what to bring and what's on the ballot. Don't fear; we've put together this guide with what you need to know to vote in North Texas.

Farmer's Branch water tower
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Driving the highways and byways of Dallas-Fort Worth you may have noticed the bright green water tower in Farmers Branch, just northwest of Dallas. Wrapped in a mural that depicts slightly whimsical trees, the landmark is one of the best water towers in the country, according to the 2019 Tank of the Year competition.


A recent study suggests fast food is one possible reason teen depression is on the rise in the U.S. It went up 52 percent between 2005 and 2017.

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Faith leaders from across North Texas are getting together to explore how religious communities can open the door to conversations about mental health.

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A man charged with felony aggravated assault in the beating of a Dallas transgender woman has been convicted of misdemeanor assault.

The Dallas Morning News reports Dallas County jurors deliberated about four hours Monday before convicting Edward Dominic Thomas of the lesser charge in Muhlaysia Booker's beating. 


A new state law that took effect in September requires health providers to perform additional testing for congenital syphilis, but a county hospital official says education is key to effectively addressing the surge in cases.

It's a bright, cool morning at Fair Park.

Inside the Creative Arts Building, home cooks arrive to a test kitchen for one of the State Fair of Texas' many cooking competitions. Hundreds of amateur chefs take part in these highly competitive contests, and judges sample thousands of homemade recipes for everything from bread and cakes to pickled vegetables.

The Big Pecan Tree has deteriorated for years due to age and disease.
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The famous Highland Park pecan tree that’s older than the town itself and has played a part in city celebrations for decades, is finally coming down for good.


It’s estimated there’ll be nearly 269,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer this year. It’s not a disease most people care to think about until it happens to them. As a result, there are plenty of myths out there about breast cancer.


The CDC currently estimates more than 1,000 cases of lung-related illnesses across the country related to e-cigarettes. The cases have developed over years, and doctors have learned a lot over that time about vaping. But one pulmonologist worries about what we still don’t know.

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Editor's note: This story contains explicit language.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halted the execution of Randy Halprin on Friday, less than a week before he was to be put to death.

Halprin, one of the infamous "Texas Seven" — who were convicted in the 2000 murder of a police officer during a month-long prison escape — had recently argued that his trial was biased because his judge was "a racist and anti-Semitic bigot."

Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP

A Texas judge who hugged a former Dallas police officer convicted of murder and gave her a Bible is coming under scrutiny over whether she crossed an ethical line.