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Dallas City Council

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The Dallas City Council has decided to bolster an ordinance to counter the problem of attacks by loose dogs.


By 2020, all Dallas apartment complexes with eight or more units will have to provide one common service: recycling.

The Dallas City Council unanimously approved the new ordinance on Wednesday, pushing the city closer toward its “zero waste” goals established in 2013. 

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Dallas voters may have the chance to weigh in on whether workers across the city get paid when they’re too sick to work.

A coalition of Texas-based community groups says it's turning in more than 110,000 signatures to the city clerk's office in a petition to put a paid sick leave ordinance on the ballot in November.

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Dallas has let private dockless bike-share companies operate freely since they first appeared last summer. Now, city officials have drawn up some regulations.

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The Dallas City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved the city's first comprehensive housing policy. It's designed to address the shortage of affordable housing and break up concentrations of poverty in the city.

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Dallas City Council remains undecided on what to do with a few existing Confederate landmarks.

In a meeting Wednesday, council members delayed a vote on whether to demolish the Confederate War Memorial at Pioneer Park Cemetery — and whether to remove the base where a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee once stood from Oak Lawn Park.

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The Dallas City Council Wednesday continued its debate over what to do with the city's Confederate monuments.

No vote was taken in the briefing, but City Council will eventually have to sign off on some kind of plan to address them. Still, council members agreed the city needs to acknowledge its racial past and give a full picture of the city's history.

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Following the weekend violence from a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., there are renewed calls for North Texas cities to remove their Confederate monuments and for school districts to rename schools that honor Confederate leaders.

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The Trinity River is a relatively narrow, usually calm waterway that meanders past the western edge of downtown. It wasn’t a particularly popular recreation spot when Angela Hunt biked there one evening more than a decade ago.

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The plan to build a toll road next to the Trinity River in downtown Dallas appears to be near death.

The Dallas City Council spent hours Wednesday talking about the road and the park that's been proposed in the river basin. Council members will vote on killing the parkway next week.

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Amid an increasingly tense regional debate over how transportation dollars should be spent, the Dallas City Council on Wednesday replaced four of its appointees to North Texas’ largest transit agency, sweeping out board members criticized for rubber stamping staff proposals that favor the region at the expense of its urban core and for not being strong enough advocates for improved bus service.

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At Dallas City Council's first meeting on Wednesday, newly inaugurated members and familiar faces from South and West Dallas will fill the seats of four ousted incumbents.  


The Dallas City Council on Wednesday approved up to $100,000 to increase security for the city’s emergency alarms system, which was triggered last weekend by someone from the Dallas area, according to officials.

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Dallas civil rights activist Roy Williams died Saturday at the Dallas VA Medical Center. He was 74.

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Most big cities have a problem with stray dogs. In Dallas, it’s more like a crisis.

In early May, dogs mauled a homeless woman, biting her more than 100 times. A week later, she died. Now, neighbors are furious and city officials are scrambling to come up with an answer.


More than one in four Dallas roads are in bad shape, according to a city survey of 11,700 miles of road. 

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In April, Dallas City Council members and school trustees met to learn about the home-rule issue that could change the way the school district operates. A task force that grew out of that session met Thursday for the first time. Council members said they could lobby for the district, but they must agree on what they want.

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Once every decade, the city of Dallas reviews its charter and recommends changes in the way it governs to voters. 

Tonight, the Charter Review Commission will hold its last public meeting in Dallas City Council chambers. Members will decide May 6 which changes to put before voters in November.

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In today's Morning Edition local block from the KERA Newsroom: Doualy Xaykaothao finds Iraqi families voting in the country's anticipated presidential election - at a Dallas hotel. It's the first one for Iraq since U.S. troops pulled out in 2011. We also get part two of Bill Zeeble's series on the home rule process being considered by Dallas schools -  we heard from supporters yesterday; today, critics of the plan speak out. And Shelley Kofler talks with State Rep. Rafael Anchia, who thinks Dallas City Council members need a pay raise. 

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Dallas school administrators and board members met at Dallas City Hall Wednesday to discuss the home-rule proposal that could change the way the DISD is run and governed. Despite the mayor’s support of home-rule, City Council members want more information.

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After months, even years, of debate, the Dallas City Council on Wednesday approved strict new gas drilling rules. Drilling opponents are cheering. Gas industry officials say the new rules are so tough that wells may never get drilled on the city’s western edge, which sits over the eastern extremes of the Barnett Shale.

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Dallas City Council members went behind closed doors Wednesday to hear an independent investigation into how an ordinance cracking down on Uber, the app-based limo service, was rushed to a proposed vote.

The ordinance bypassed the council committee process and was presented for a vote after competitor Yellow Cab complained that the new transportation service was violating city regulations.

Following the closed-door meeting, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he didn’t hear of any legal or ethical violations regarding the independent investigation. Instead, he said a series of bad decisions were made. He's troubled by the way city staff handled the ordinance.

Interim City Manager A.C. Gonzalez sent a memo today to the Dallas mayor and City Council in which he admitted he "made a mistake" when handling the Uber car service ordinance over the summer -- a matter that has generated plenty of controversy, The Dallas Morning News reports.

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Downtown Dallas is getting a FREE shuttle to move visitors, residents and office workers to restaurants, convention meetings, and downtown attractions.  It’ll be running in time for the large crowds expected for the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

Former Dallas City Councilman Leo Chaney will lie in repose in the Hall of State at Fair Park Friday from noon until 7 pm. Services are at 11 am Saturday at the True Lee Mission Baptist Church. Chaney was found dead after a fire in his home Monday afternoon. 

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Dallas City Council members took turns saying goodbye to five colleagues Wednesday. It was their last meeting.  The new, 2013 Council will be sworn-in Monday.

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Hispanics and women lost seats on the Dallas City Council after the May vote and Saturday’s runoff elections. KERA’s BJ Austin reports on what the new council will look like.

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Fort Worth voters rejected three incumbents on the city council and school board in Saturday runoff elections

Jacinto Ramos, Jr. stomped incumbent school board member Carlos Vasquez, 86% to 14%.

School board candidate Ashley Paz narrowly unseated Juan Rangel, 51% to 49%.

Former broadcast reporter Gyna Bivens turned out sitting councilman Frank Moss, 57% to 43%.

In Dallas, Rick Callahan defeated Jesse Diaz, 60% to 40%, to represent Pleasant Grove on the Dallas City Council.

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Voters decide two Dallas City Council seats in Saturday’s runoff election.  In Districts 5 and 14, the runoff rhetoric has swirled around personality and race. 

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The Dallas City Council did not take up a gay marriage equality resolution at City Hall today – as originally planned. But that didn’t stop leaders of the LGBT community from speaking on the issue.