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After days of damaging news stories about an administration policy that separated immigrant families at the Southern border, President Trump tried to change the narrative Friday. He spoke up for grieving family members who have lost loved ones at the hands of people in the country illegally.

The Trump administration regularly asserts that undocumented immigrants are predatory and threaten public safety. Immigrant advocates say that talk demonizes an entire class of people.

Now, four academic studies show that illegal immigration does not increase the prevalence of violent crime or drug and alcohol problems. In the slew of research, motivated by Trump's rhetoric, social scientists set out to answer this question: Are undocumented immigrants more likely to break the law?

From Texas Standard.

The Dallas Morning News conducted an investigation this summer about what happens to kids after a mother’s arrest. In the process, they stumbled on an interesting fact – more women are being jailed in Texas, even though arrests of women have dropped.

Investigative reporter Cary Aspinwall found that the number of women in county jails across Texas awaiting trial has increased about 50 percent since 2011.

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Gage Kemp was 17 when he first became homeless.

“The home I grew up in, there was a lot of drug abuse and violence, and I got bullied a lot,” Kemp said. “My parents were on hard drugs, and my dad told me to get out. It was in that moment I realized I was free, in a sense.”

From Texas Standard:

new study has opened fire against the commonly held belief – particularly in Texas – that carrying guns can reduce violent crime.

Newly released FBI data show the number of murders in the U.S. rose nearly 11 percent last year and violent crime increased by nearly 4 percent, but crime researchers said homicides and other violence still remain at low rates compared with a crime wave from 20 years ago.


Five stories that have North Texas talking: Police are dealing with a major crime surge in Dallas; a Dallas preacher tries to justify Donald Trump’s comments on abortion; a Frisco hospice was reportedly overdosing its patients; and more.


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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday defended offering Dallas help from state police as the nation's ninth-largest city grapples with a dramatic spike in homicides and local officers balk at reassigned shifts to get violent crimes under control.

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Big jumps in the Dallas crime rate is troubling Dallas police, but some worry their proposed solution may not be sustainable.


There have been 11 violent attacks and robberies over the past two months in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas. It's home to a popular LGBT entertainment district, but police don’t believe the incidents are related. For some victims, one of the hardest feats has been opening up about their attacks.

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Police departments in Texas are outfitting officers with body cameras. Would a body camera have changed what happened with the officer in McKinney?

Southlake Police Chief Steve Mylett ssays he's asking the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Homeland Security for assistance in solving the murder of 43-year old Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa. The Southlake man was gunned down Wednesday night while sitting in his car. The Dallas Morning News says Mylett believes the killing seems like an organized criminal act.

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Nick Morale, a 56 year-old Terrel resident, has been arrested in Kaufman by the Texas Rangers. He's charged with making a terroristic threat against a Kaufman County official. Officials say he used the Crime Stoppers tip line. 

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Texas Christian University Chancellor Victor Boschini says his school will not tolerate drug dealers on his campus. KERA’s Bill Zeeble reports police arrested 17 students accused of dealing illegal drugs at the Fort Worth school.

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Dallas took another “bite out of crime” in 2011. Deputy Police Chief Randall Blankenbaker briefed City Council members on the final numbers.

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Retail gasoline prices across Texas have jumped 4 cents this week as motorists continue traveling during the holidays, some to New Year's gatherings.

Credit: Carrollton Police Dept.

Dallas, TX – Carrollton Police charge a family "in-law" with the murder of a 10 year old girl over the weekend. KERA's BJ Austin reports.

10 year old Jasmen Gonzalez and her family came from Oklahoma City to visit relatives in Carrollton. She was reported missing from the apartment Saturday night. Her body was found nearby on Sunday. She had been stabbed.