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Britany Miller said that she's tried at multiple charter schools to get her son Nicholas Davis, 13, the support he needs. Nicholas was diagnosed with ADHD and depression in elementary school.
Laura Isensee / Houston Public Media

Twice, Britany Miller has asked for special education services and accommodations at two different Houston-area charter schools for her son, Nicholas Davis, who struggles with depression and an attention disorder. 

Lara Solt for KERA News

When it comes to traditional public schools and charter schools, many take sides — but Todd Williams says both models have strengths.

He's president and CEO of The Commit Partnership, a Dallas-based nonprofit working to boost student outcomes in North Texas. He also helped establish Uplift Williams Preparatory, a Dallas charter school.

Bob Daemmrich for the Texas Tribune

Two teacher associations sued Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath and the Texas Education Agency on Wednesday, arguing they rolled out a law incentivizing partnerships with school districts and charter schools in a way that weakened protections for public school employees.

In 2006, in Dallas, a construction company sued a charter school, alleging that the school stiffed workers on a building contract to the tune of a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Updated 12/19 11:15 a.m.

When the exclusions and exceptions the state grants charter schools are stripped away, Texas charter schools have an average graduation rate almost 30 percentage points lower than the state’s traditional school districts.

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Focus Academy, an 18-year-old charter school in southern Dallas, is about to close because the state says it has failed to improve bad ratings three years running. The school wants a reprieve after taking in kids from Prime Prep Academy — the school that former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders founded. The state shut it down two years ago.

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Families and students of Focus Academies in southern Dallas are holding a rally Thursday to make a last-ditch bid to keep the school open. The state says the charter school has agreed to close after poor academic years.

We're all familiar with the term "hidden in plain sight." Well, there may be no better way to describe the nation's 6,900 charter schools.

These publicly-funded, privately-run schools have been around since the first one opened in St. Paul, Minn., in 1992. Today, they enroll about 3.1 million students in 43 states, so you'd think Americans should know quite a bit about them by now. But you'd be wrong.

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In 1995, Texas lawmakers approved public charter schools to give parents more education options. The law created a marketplace that’s challenging traditional public schools to compete and improve, or potentially lose students. 

The president and chancellor of Texas A&M visited a Dallas charter school Tuesday to apologize. They told students at Uplift Hampton Preparatory they were sorry about the racial taunts the Dallas kids endured during a campus visit last week. A&M’s top student leader also delivered thousands of letters of support.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Five stories that have North Texas talking: longtime Dallas conductor will head to New York; a Dallas dad was found not guilty for taking away his 12-year-old's phone; DeLoreans are back; and more. 

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Update, Wednesday evening: In a 7 to 6 squeaker of a vote, the Dallas City Council approved a controversial new charter school in southern Dallas. Opponents were concerned the school would pull students out of the Dallas Independent School District.  

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Faith Family Academy, an Oak Cliff charter school, will stay open after all. The state had ordered the closing of the school, and a dozen others statewide, because of financial and student-performance problems. But last week, the state ruled the Dallas school could stay open -- by using the charter of its Waxahachie branch.


A new study is out – and it’s focused on America’s charter school petri dish, New Orleans. It shows that the charter schools there are more focused on marketing and advertising themselves, rather classroom performance. KERA’s Bill Zeeble reports on what the research, from the University of Texas and Tulane, could mean for charters in North Texas.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Last month, the state shut down Prime Prep Academy, the charter school that football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders co-founded. There’s another charter that’s nearly twice as big that could face the same fate.


The troubled Prime Prep Academy, co-founded by football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, closed its doors for good today.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

The Texas Education Commissioner said late this afternoon he will appoint a board of managers to oversee leadership at Prime Prep Academy, a charter held by Uplift Fort Worth.   Commissioner Michael Williams said that Prime Prep’s “recent deterioration” of the its financial situation compelled his action.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

The Grand Prairie school district and Uplift charter schools just announced a first in North Texas: A partnership that will put a charter school within a public school.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

It’s easier than ever for state officials to close a Texas public charter school thanks to a “three strikes and you’re out” law passed in 2013. One school in North Texas - Honors Academy - that lost its charter has sued the state to reopen.

Despite State Order, Charter Schools Stay Open

Nov 17, 2014

On a recent Wednesday morning, Branch Park Academy looked like any other bustling suburban middle school. Beyond a packed parking lot, a banner hanging near the entrance boasted that the school had earned the “highest academic distinction” from the Texas Education Agency. Inside, students’ voices drifted from their classrooms.

By law, those students were not supposed to be there at all.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Public schools and charter schools often have relationships that range from wary to downright hostile. But in the Spring Branch school district, covering parts of Houston, they’re co-existing -- in the same buildings. Could this unusual partnership -- one of just a handful across the country -- be a model for North Texas? 

Texas Tribune

Once every decade, the city of Dallas reviews its charter and recommends changes in the way it governs to voters. 

Tonight, the Charter Review Commission will hold its last public meeting in Dallas City Council chambers. Members will decide May 6 which changes to put before voters in November.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

An upstart move is underway to change the way Dallas schools and its board operate. Dallas school trustees met Monday night to get more information on the proposal that’s never been tried before in Texas. Board members learned, in part, that if the effort succeeds, they could all be out of a job.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Six Texas charter schools are slated to be closed by the Texas Education Agency this summer. One in Farmers Branch and another in Austin are making a lot of noise, saying they’re being denied their legal rights.


KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth has announced it has received a $2 million grant to expand its charter school network.

The three-year grant from the Jenesis Group is the single largest award in KIPP DFW’s 10-year history, the group says.

The grant includes $1 million in unrestricted capital, as well as $1 million in a matching challenge to incentivize prospective donors.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

 The charter school chain based in Farmers Branch says it will appeal the state’s decision to close its seven schools. Parents with kids in the charter’s Farmers Branch middle school hope the appeal succeeds.

Honors Academy

 Texas education officials say they’ll close the Farmers Branch-based Honors Academy Charter Schools by summer if the operation can’t convince the state to stay open. A chance of appeal seems slim.

Michelle Rhee is a high profile education reformer with a capital “C.” That’s for controversial.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

In his most recent book, Fire in the Ashes, celebrated education writer Jonathan Kozol follows some of the nation’s poorest children, from infancy through young adulthood.

As part of KERA's American Graduate initiative, Kozol talked about struggles many students face to succeed in school, and obstacles schools confront to teach them.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Former tennis champ Andre Agassi lent his star power to officially open a Dallas charter school Wednesday. The star also contributed millions from his education fund to launch the KIPP Destiny elementary school.