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Cal Jillson

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Attorney Marcos Ronquillo announced his plans to challenge Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings in the May 2015 municipal election Thursday. 

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

On Monday, early voting begins in Texas.  If you haven’t heard a lot about it, that might be because the evolving Ebola crisis in Dallas has overwhelmed news coverage -- even in one campaign where the Ebola response seems to be the issue.

Harold Simmons Foundation

Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons left an important and pricey mark on American politics. The businessman, who helped fund the 2004 Swift Boat campaign against Democrat John Kerry, died Saturday. He was 82.

Texas Tribune

Political advisors to State Senator Wendy Davis say the Fort Worth Democrat will have an update on her possible run for governor as early as this week.

SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson has just released a book that is guaranteed to raise the blood pressure of many a proud Texan.  Jillson talked to KERA’s Shelley Kofler about why he wrote Lone Star Tarnished.