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High-intensity interval training involves repeated brief bursts of very intense exercise mixed with longer periods of easy recovery. Sounds like something for younger people, but a new study of mice suggests older people might benefit, too.


In our series, "Vital Signs,"  living with artificial devices like stents, valves and grafts intended to improve blood flow to the heart. Doctors in the U.S. insert the devices in about a million procedures each year. But after that, the work falls to the patient.


In this edition of KERA's weekly consumer health series, Vital Signs – Peripheral artery disease. Studies say at least one out of five elderly people suffer from hardened arteries reducing blood flow to the limbs. Speaking with Sam Baker, Dr. Stephen Hohmann, a vascular surgeon with Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital, said peripheral artery disease can be painful, but you can avoid it.

All the food preparation and consumption during the holidays unfortunately make a perfect opportunity for food poisoning if we’re not careful. In today’s installment of KERA’s Vital Signs, dietitian Emily Hein of the Heart Hospital Baylor Plano shares tips for food safety, beginning with one of the major sources of foodborne illness – cross contamination.

When you arrive at a hospital, your first question probably isn't "Who owns this place?" But the answer may be important. Critics say doctor owned hospitals increase prices, cherry-pick patients and create conflicts of interest. The Dallas Morning News reports Physician-owned hospitals in North Texas are finding ways to expand despite provisions in the Affordable Care Act that discourage their growth.

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Doctors for country music star Randy Travis say that his condition is improving after he was hospitalized last week for congestive heart failure and a subsequent stroke.

UPDATE: Randy Travis Has A Stroke, Surgery

Jul 10, 2013
Mark Runyon / Flickr

UPDATE, 11:30 p.m.: Country music star Randy Travis, hospitalized in North Texas for congestive heart failure, suffered a stroke and had surgery Wednesday night. His publicists said he was again in critical condition.