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Dallas Cowboys Fans Aren't Afraid Of Saying Those Two Little Words: Super Bowl


For Dallas Cowboys fans, Sunday will be the end of a long drought, and they hope last season wasn’t a mirage.

After three 8-8 years, the ‘Boys won 12 games, and were one contested catch away from a chance at the sport’s biggest game. I did an unscientific survey of fans in and around AT&T Stadium, and two words just kept cropping up.

Owner Jerry Jones won’t say that magic phrase.

“As last year, and those recent years I’m going to keep avoiding it this year,” Jones said at the start of training camp.

But fans aren’t shying away.

“Uh, Super Bowl. Those are my only expectations,” Justin Davies said.

Vegas isn’t so high on the Cowboys. The oddsmakers give them an 18-to-1 shot to win it all.

Kathryn Harris was considering a glittery team T-shirt at the Walmart across the street from the stadium. She’s prepping for a “best dressed Cowboy” contest at church. The prize: $100.

She’s looking for some things to stand out.

“Anything that I can afford, a T-shirt, earrings, anything that makes noise,” Harris said.

She also wouldn’t mind a little divine intervention.  

“I’m praying. I’m praying. They need to do something,” Harris said.

Church will definitely be over by the time the Cowboys kick off the season Sunday night. Question is: Do the New York Giants have a prayer?