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Special Projects

Ongoing Projects:

Breakthroughs: Growing Up After Cancer

  Medical advancements have improved the odds of survival for children battling cancer. Eight of 10 children diagnosed with cancer will likely survive. Still, cancer can rob a kid of childhood. Our Breakthroughs series, Growing Up After Cancer, follows the journey of one North Texas boy and his family. You’ll also hear stories of other childhood cancer survivors and how they deal with life after cancer. Explore the series.

Past Projects:

One Crisis Away: Inside A Neighborhood

  The cost of living poor can be staggering: Racking up interest on a payday loan, working for minimum wage, paying fees to cash a check, and eating healthy when groceries are hard to find. One Crisis Away: Inside A Neighborhood takes us to Jubilee Park, an Old East Dallas neighborhood trying to solve these challenges. Visit the neighborhood.

American Graduate: Generation One

  In Texas, one in three children is an immigrant or the child of immigrants. These children have to learn a new language, adapt to a different culture and try to fit into a community that may not embrace newcomers. American Graduate: Generation One follows several students and visits North Texas classrooms to see how educators are weaving these first-generation Texans into the American tapestry. Listen to their stories.

The Making of Stagger Lee

  The Dallas Theater Center built Stagger Lee entirely from scratch, from the story to the set. Stagger Lee: Making A Musical introduces the creators of the story and music. Watch the show change, learn more about the real-life Stagger Lee, and listen to the way musicians have mythologized him for almost a century. Explore backstage.

Secrets of the Meyerson

  Twenty-five years ago, planners set the stakes high for the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. They wanted it to be a concert hall to rival the best in the world. In the Art&Seek series Secrets of the Meyerson, take a look back at the creation of the hall, which persevered through two bond elections, a recession and public protests. Uncover the secrets.

One Crisis Away: On The Financial Edge

  One in three North Texans can’t weather a financial storm that lasts 90 days. The problem's known as asset poverty, and it doesn't discriminate. A job loss, health emergency, even legal trouble is enough to plunge a third of our friends and neighbors into financial distress. One Crisis Away: On The Financial Edge follows four families trying to navigate financial problems. Explore their stories.

Breakthroughs: The Broken Hip

  When an older person falls and breaks a hip, it’s a moment that changes everything. Falls are the leading cause of injury death for older Americans. One of every five people who breaks a hip after age 50 dies within a year. The Breakthroughs series, The Broken Hip, explore the stories of North Texans and their families who have experienced this dramatic life change. Listen to the stories.