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How Do Clouds Form, And What Are Some Identification Tips?

Sally Beauvais / Marfa Public Radio
According to Rick Hluchan with Midland NWS, altocumulus clouds on summer mornings can be a predictor of thunderstorms later in the day.

As we approach the end of monsoon season in West Texas, now’s a good time to step outside and take a moment to appreciate the dramatic summer storm clouds that bring the majority of our region’s annual rainfall, from May through September.

But no matter the time of year, the cloud show is always pretty spectacular out here in Big Bend country.

Former Marfa resident Adele Powers certainly thinks so. But for her, simply looking at clouds without understanding more about them is not enough. So, as a part of her broader quest to learn more stuff about the natural world around her, she asked West Texas Wonders:

How and why do clouds form, and are there some easy or basic tips for cloud identification?

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