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UT Dallas' 84-Year-Old Graduate Finds Coursework 'Stimulating'

Dec 20, 2018

Janet Fein is not your typical college graduate.

For one, her eight grandkids are college-aged. She's raised five children of her own. And, she went back to get her bachelor's degree after retiring as a secretary at 78 years old.

At 84, Fein received her long-sought-after bachelor's degree in sociology during Wednesday's commencement at the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson. 

"It's so fulfilling. It's just a wonderful thing. I've had a lot of help along the way," Fein said.

Richard Scotch, left, Janet Fein's sociology professor, congratulates her on obtaining a bachelor's degree.
Credit Anthony Cave / KERA News

Fein recalls her classmates holding the door open for her when she used a walker.

She has a contagious smile, breathing tube and all.

Her professors made special accommodations for her to complete her degree. She completed some coursework from home after moving to an assisted living center. 

Richard Scotch, her sociology professor, called Fein's essays "excellent." 

So, what's next for the 84-year-old graduate? 

"Well, I was thinking of taking courses in political science. I'm not ready to give up yet," Fein said. "I want to continue on."