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Underdogs of District 33 Persist

May 25, 2012

Marc Veasey and Domingo Garcia are the perceived frontrunners, but other contenders like Dr. David Alameel have become familiar to voters in the 33rd Congressional District.

Several of the candidates have served in public office. Another is spending a lot of money. 

If you’re driven down Interstate 30, you’ve probably seen billboards for Dr. David Alameel. He’s a self-made businessman worth 100 million dollars, and that’s why he’s paying for his own campaign. Alameel says he’s supportive of bi-partisan leadership.

"I have given every year to dozen and dozens of Democrats and Republicans," Alameel said. "I’ve been working on healthcare for 20 years, education for 20 years, and immigration for 20 years. You can’t do that by working with just one party."

Steve Salazar was among 10 candidates appealing to voters at a West Dallas forum recently. He has served on the Dallas City Council for 14 years and is focused on economic development.

"As a congressman, I will advocate for jobs because my dad taught me how to work. If everything fails, you go cut a yard and hard work pays for itself,"  Salazar said. "Nobody is looking for a handout. What they are looking for is opportunity."

Kathleen Hicks could be Marc Veasey’s biggest competitor for Tarrant County votes. She comes from a well-known political family and is running on her record as a Fort Worth City Council member.

"For the 7 years that I’ve served on the Fort Worth City Council, I’ve worked tirelessly to bring economic development to our community," Hicks said. "And, I’m very proud of the largest economic development we’ve ever seen in South East Fort Worth. It will bring countless jobs to the community."

Voter turnout in Tarrant County is higher than in Dallas County. Its unclear how that will impact the democratic race for Congressional District 33.