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Tyler's Gohmert Has COVID-19 But Says He Is Asymptomatic

Jul 29, 2020

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert has tested positive for the coronavirus — the first Texan in Congress to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

Gohmert was planning to fly home to Texas with the president aboard Air Force One Wednesday, but he canceled, an aide said, because of the positive test.

Yesterday, the Tyler Republican spoke at a hearing featuring Attorney General William Barr. At one point, Gohmert walked a few feet behind Barr. Neither man wore a mask. Officials said Barr would be tested Wednesday.

In a video posted to Facebook, Gohmert said says he initially took a so-called quick test at the White House this morning.

"But they give false positives sometimes so they re-tested me with the swab that goes way up into your sinuses and it finally came back, it was positive too," Gohmert said. "So, I'm asymptomatic, don't have any of the symptoms listed as part of COVID-19, but apparently I have the Wuhan virus."

That kind of language is vintage Gohmert — he's a fierce fan of the president and has represented Tyler and East Texas since 2005.