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Two Words: Edible Cups. The State Fair Adds 24 New Items To Its Lengthy Menu

Sep 20, 2016

The Big Tex Choice Awards were given to what you thought were the wildest fair food concoctions this year. On Tuesday, just over a week until opening day, the State Fair of Texas announced 24 more.

At this point, the State Fair is just trying to outdo itself, and it's succeeding. Last month, fried Jell-O and cookie fries won for "Best Taste" and "Most Creative" respectively at the Big Tex Choice Awards. But, when it comes to the fair, the more the merrier.  

For the sake of brevity and all of our sanity, we'll highlight six of the most intriguing new foods. The rest you can find at the bottom of the post, and of course, at the fair, which kicks off Sept. 30 and runs through Oct. 23 at Fair Park in Dallas. 

State Fair Edible Cola

The Maine Root soda makes it drinkable. What makes it edible? The cups. Yep, they're made partially with seaweed and produced by Loliware, a company Mark Cuban invested in on "Shark Tank," according to GuideLive.

Credit State Fair of Texas

Crunchy Fried Oinkers

Such a cute name, but you're not sure exactly what they are, right? It's pretty tame, just a slider roll filled with pulled pork and sweet chili sauce. Dill pickles top off the meat, and then the whole thing is — everybody, now — deep fried. 

Credit State Fair of Texas

Chocolate Tease Wine Cooler

For the classier fair-goers out there, a chocolate and wine pairing. But it's served as a slushie, so you don't need to put your pinky out when you drink it. It's available at all Newport stands across the fairgrounds.

Credit State Fair of Texas

Lollipop Fried Bacon Wrapped Smoked Quail Breast on a Stick 

Say that five times fast. This portable treat is quail with a bit of jalapeno wrapped in bacon, deep fried and served on a skewer. Each order comes with three skewers and a side of ranch. You can find it at Dickle's Texas Smokehouse near the Cotton Bowl. 

Credit State Fair of Texas

Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 

Texans love their Dr Pepper. Its 23 flavors were blended in a Waco drugstore by Charles Alderton in the 1880s and first served in 1885. And, it's legacy continues in the form of ice cream loaded with chocolate chips. Howdy's Homemade will serve the frozen treat in the Creative Arts Building. 

Credit State Fair of Texas

Doritos Bacon Mozzarella Cheese Stick

You thought taco shells made from Doritos were innovative? Think again, folks. This is thick-cut mozzarella covered with bacon, dipped in Dorito batter and deep fried. Simple, yes. Perfect, yes. 

Credit State Fair of Texas

Here are the other 18 new foods. Learn more about them here

  • Bacon Cream Corn

  • Barnyard Burger

  • Duel Lamb Chop Pop w/ Twice Baked Potato Fries

  • Blackened Shrimp Baked Potato

  • Fried Cajun Crisp

  • Fried Prime Rib Quesadill"O"

  • Loaded Bacon Mashed Potato Egg Roll

  • Dallas' Fried Bacontilla

  • Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Tater' Dog

  • Mama's Garlic Fries

  • Deep Fried Cannoli Bites

  • Pecan Pie Poppers

  • Deep Fried Clam Chowda

  • Piña-A lot-Tas

  • Deep Fried Nachos

  • Shrimp Fritters

  • Deep Fried Smoked Salmon & Bacon Croquettes

  • Turkey Leg Tacos