Top Stories: President Trump Releases Some JFK Files; Fear As Entertainment | KERA News

Top Stories: President Trump Releases Some JFK Files; Fear As Entertainment

Oct 26, 2017

The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

President Donald Trump is delaying the release of some files on the John F. Kennedy assassination that were due to come out Thursday. He's approved 2,800 other records for release. White House officials say Trump will state in a coming memo that he had "no choice" but to keep others secret because of national security concerns. 

He's having those records further reviewed for the next six months. Officials say Trump will impress upon federal agencies that JFK files should stay secret after the six-month review "only in the rarest cases." 

Other stories this evening:

  • Wednesday's abrupt announcement that Republican House Speaker Joe Straus is not seeking re-election has shaken up the Texas Capitol, and it's sending shock waves throughout the state. The retirement of Straus removes a check on conservative Republicans such as Governor Greg Abbott, who had grown publicly critical of the House leader. KUT Austin's Ben Philpott says Straus is considered a centrist Republican.  
  • Bloody hatchets, roaring chainsaws and demonic clowns are some of the terrifying things that could get you hyperventilating at a haunted house. In this week's Art&Seek Artist Spotlight, Hady Mawajdeh explores the idea of “fear as entertainment” with Richardson native Misty Keasler. She spent two years photographing the scariest haunts in North America.

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